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As I mentioned earlier, I've done every playoff game there is. So I game six will be twenty-seventh Tampa Bay rays game of the two thousand and twenty season. So wow, I'd like to say they have a chance if only because if they win it I, I'd like to think I get a ring because I feel I'm a along for the ride the whole time but I I would never count them out you. Know like as crazy as the ninth inning of game four was I've seen them do crazy stuff to the blue jays and and the Yankees over the years and I've a tremendous amount of respect for them. It's not going to be easy You know the pathways for them to win game six is Nell is really good and then Kevin cash uses his I leverage guys to get to the finish line because it's not like snails going seven just it doesn't work that way right? If they really good innings out of five and a third so he's going to. Need is high leverage guys, and then he's GonNa need them again in game seven now, Charlie. Morton wasn't good in game three. But as you know, Charlie Morton, Scott, a really good resume itchy riot riot games, right so Ryan limitation. Games Yeah Yeah winner-take-all finishing games elimination games whatever. So but Walker Buehler's at Dude right now and you know may looks right now a rat roll love or re as is in play they've got a lot of guys it's going to be tough. It's really going to be tougher Tampa Bay and even if they lose game six twenty to nothing. Significant season the dodgers have a significant edge but I I would never count the raise out there. There you. You can't. You just can't finish them off very easily. They have an unbelievable resiliency about. Well, that's That's that's a great analysis and you know, of course, I think most of the people are gonNA listen to this before game six for those who listened to it after the world series is over, we'll go back and overdubbed your voice with you know with everything can pass tennis. So you work with Chris, singleton right. Yes in all the World Series Jessica Mendoza's with us as well. Okay. I just want you to ask Chris if you remembers me, I. Don't know if he would or not. It was just been twenty five years. I think says he was since he was a giant step prospect but you know maybe he does maybe I did wrote something to take them off. Guy To you might agree that's right. That's right. So that's right just say hello to him for him. I. I WANNA. Thank you again for joining the giants Splash podcast and I wish you the best of luck and you know enjoy your family and when you get back home to. Toronto Right Henry thanks take care good catch good catching up with you as always. Thank you for listening to this edition of the giants splash look for more podcast as this off season unfolds. The giants splash is a production of the San Francisco Chronicle podcast producers, our King Kaufman and Allen Johnson the theme Song Batter up was written and performed by Lauren Gold and rate East Louis Support Splash and all of our great journalism by signing up for a chronicle membership at s F chronicle dot com slash pod..

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