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Tiger tiger is a Gulf a right now today he's a golfer, he's not an oddity. He's not a relic. He's not stumbling around out there. He's actually an accomplished golfer. It's so good. It's one thing to see tiger at the top of the leaderboard. I don't even expect that, but over the last few weeks over the last couple of months, we've seen tiger on the first page. We've seen tiger. On the second page always makes you feel good. What does this mean? It's Thursday. It goes to Sunday. So maybe by Sunday at means nothing Webb. Simpson last week was in the lead after Friday blew up on the weekend, but you cannot feel anything other than encouraged by this. It gives you hope he can win. It's a shot of drill hall is particularly on a Thursday in early September. This was sort of unexpected for me. I did six. Sure. It is. Sixty two. They're looking at sixty four on the final of the PGA phenome- stake in on Sunday. So we know it's still in my guest reminds us that is still did it still there. And this. This is a great thing, especially the people that he is a head of my case. Zoom ably off the course field gets winnowed every single week. So the better player in it. Yeah. I mean, I'm gonna watch tiger Phil thing because I'm gonna wanna watch. They're not gonna pay. No, I'm gonna watch. Well, somebody else will pay and all right. But I'm gonna watch the Ryder Cup, which I would have watched anyway, but tiger in it. I feel better every time Tigers out there. My kid plays off because Tiger Woods a whole generation of kids out there running because the time, many of whom right now we're actually great players because yesterday on this high quality program, we brought you a story of Todd Frazier off, they maybe getting credit for catching a foul ball that he did not actually catch. Now, Frazier is admitted. He did not catch the ball. The bully held up and claim was the outfall white rubber ball Frazier, the Mets got credit for now. They didn't deserve in the second inning wilbon. What should baseball do about this? This should go back to their point, make replay it because the dodgers have something at stake. Dodgers sort of playoff run. They won't do it. They just, they always think they should go back just just for kicks just to say, you know what? This is great. You've made this. We're going to honor you telling the truth by making you go back out there and play it from this point in what if the dodgers miss out on the wildcard. Right, right. Did This this. fair, and by the way I what I make this. My first response was to not believe him that he's still just playing looked like he caught it at looked like he caught it. I don't know. Todd Frazier, I don't know. Like if you're having a fun goofing people, but wouldn't you? You would you do penalty? Okay. Let me go to this. Baseball is a game of pine. Tar baseball is a game of stealing signals. Baseball is a game of spitball, eating baseball. Steroids baseball is a game of subterfuge and cheating. Got fooled blue. Got full blue. Got full. So baseball. Well, and that's the spend. But what I'm saying to you is this is not Gulf. We call.

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