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Yeah so because the low blood because faction he had the infection can be the leukemia i like crayons it's my lamont acidic leukemia looks like an infection when it comes on really really dr dr just loved actor would you have when you have leukemia you don't fight infections normally so minor infections can become rather nasty looking so you know and he's held is he he's fifty three okay so if it's a my logic leukemia would you would you hope for is my logic kimia not a l l or acute lymphocytic leukemia the myelogenous leukemia is are pretty treatable so so it's going to be unpleasant but there you can look forward to some real good response but there he needed bone now transplant i would be i'm the siblings so i would be the best probably candidate you're jumping way ahead yeah let's just see what he's got i whether transplants are appropriate and i forget where they get the donors from for most of thought thought they might be able to use it hologhan even like his own but i don't have done this in a long time but but so i just let's get down to the diagnosis i and each kind of leukemia kind a little different has sort of different treatment with different prognosis little different sort of course and so let's find out what this is i okay dr drew 'cause i knew you know he's gonna help me i think you're gonna be look i look forward to just stay posit look for good response the bone marrow is interesting i heard a red house essay read.

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