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The Western Conference, Golden State Warriors lost game three of their series against the LA Lakers, a final score of one 27 to 97. It's ten 48, traffic and weather together on the 8th, sponsored by Chicago's north shore convention and visitors bureau here's Brian peck. While starting to build up on the Eisenhower inbound your heavy from mannheim to before Austin. Looking at 38 minutes from the Jane Adams to the Jane Byrne interchange, 20 minutes mannheim into the Jane Byrne interchange in 16 coming back out little slow Cicero to Harlem, 34 minutes out to I 90. On the Stevenson still looks pretty good inbound and outbound no major issues there. I 55 will county looking pretty good this morning, Dan Ryan, your 15 minutes from the merge in a downtown about 14 minutes going out to the split, I 57, it's a 15 minute ride from my 80 to the Dan Ryan 15 back out bishop Ford moving okay in both directions to stop a lakeshore drive pretty heavy around 57th street. Yeah, either direction you're down to one lane so it's getting pretty heavy there, otherwise looking pretty good. Tri state toe away and the rest of the tollways are in good shape this morning I 80 eastbound westbound no major issues, 80 94 in northwest Indiana looks good. I 94 is in good shape. I 65 lot of road work going on there, but it's moving okay. Same for the Indiana tollway and the Chicago Kuwait as well looking pretty good. So far this morning, Chicago skyway I should call that. On the Eden you are 18 minutes from the Lake cook to the Kennedy junction and 15 minutes going back out, Kennedy's getting a little heavy 32 O'Hare in the downtown, 29 going back out Eisenhower as I mentioned, starting to build and bound next traffic is coming up at ten 58, the traffic spots by Chicago's north shore, convention and visitors bureau celebrate Mother's Day on Chicago's north shore with special brunches afternoon teas and house walks, find all the ways to celebrate mom at visit Chicago north shore dot com. News radio one O 5 9. The wbm AccuWeather forecast for today calls for sunshine, some scattered clouds, but really warm temperatures are high today

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