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Give me a one what what really spell anything the three minutes have elapsed since the top of this hour you are with first light and Kevin car is here to answer the question is the world ready for a sequel to zombie land my answer if Emma stone is in it well some of us are good morning Michael well you know it is the original cast from zombie land how which came out about ten years ago so yeah it is that's an old movie it's a long time ago but they brought everybody back including Emma stone so you can check her out in this movie but you got Jesse Eisenberg woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin as the group of survivors and they've been on the run for ten years trying to survive zombies and third they're doing okay until Abigail Breslin's character decides he wants to get a boyfriend and move on and see the world which is a lot harder to do in the zombie apocalypse but she she gives it her all and then they then the rest of them have to go find her it is really just a set up it's not a character driven or a story driven movie it is basically setting up different scenarios throughout the film for absurd and silly and crazy comedic izombie action and don't don't let it worry you that there are no zombies in the trailers it is funny of zombies in the movies and then there's actually a lot of funny stuff in it too I mean there's like anything there's jokes that don't land there are times when it begins to revert of other films of one point rips off Shawn of the dead quite blatantly but a lot of times the jokes to work and it is quite funny even if it's not meant to be followed as a character or story piece I mean it's it's funnier than this movie really has any business being arts ominous shot guns do we give this movie I'm going to give this one a surprising three and a half out of five shot guns I I I was entertained and that's that's not always easy to do with a single that's ten years old and not necessarily that you're prepared to see all right thank you Kevin car coming up on twenty five past the hour on first light on this Monday morning the twenty first day of October twenty nineteen let's twist the dials of the way back machine this day to take us back to nineteen sixty as Massachusetts senator John F. Kennedy and vice president Richard Nixon wrap up their series of televised presidential debates the first ever beginning with senator Kennedy my judgment is that the Republican Party has stood still here in the United States and it's also stood still around the world we're not moving ahead in education the way we should we didn't make a judgment in fifty seven fifty six and fifty five and fifty four for the outer space would be in for if we stand still he point people to win back to the ship them positions and watch who have a status quo out who don't recognize that this is a revolutionary time in the United States does not maintain its influence and if we fail the cause of freedom and vice president Nixon your rebuttal senator Kennedy has said tonight again what he has said several times in the course of this debate in the campaign Erica is standing still America is not standing still it has not been damaged we build more houses in the last seven years than in any administration and thirty percent more than in the previous administration anybody that says America has been standing still over the last seven have years hasn't been traveling in America he's been in some other countries October twenty one nineteen fifty.

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