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Pushing Tony? You didn't hear them. You just call them Tony lads. That's what his friends. Call him again. You had available to you. Lou Garrick Lou Gehrig. I doesn't have multiple nicknames. I'll check it out of the iron horse is the one that many people, you know, they go by Tony last Garrick Babe Ruth murderers row. I mean okay. So you go to another nickname, you don't like Joni lands, you're moving onto the next horse biscuit, pants BUSTER, low Rueben or Columbia, aren't hold on a second. Let's examine this hungry Lou. No. It also cites Lewis. One of his nicknames because his name was Henry. All right, wait a minute. What Lou Garrick wasn't Lou was. But in Hebrew is. Lou aaron. What, what I'm sorry. All time home run leader. Not getting those. Are you not understanding what we're doing there? Clearly, what's happening. I'm getting flashbacks of the first opening segment of all right? We'll tell the people finally tell the they were gonna get off Tony lies. Tell the people finally because this is the thing that happened gods. Yes. See here he digs in on the mistakes. And then everyone gives them the applause and keeps making the mistakes. He had no idea what we were doing there. So explain to Mike, the nature explain my to the people. The nature of your frustration was to God's on Saturday that he kept just going for the applause, trampling your job. We had a will Cain joke set up for the very end of the segment. The first words to got says, on the sage is will Cain and later gives will Cain a microphone before. We're supposed to give Wilkie microphone. We fed them pretty great jokes. PF commenter, who joined us on the stage in sort of crashed. It you wouldn't have known that because not only to not know PF tease name, which was became obvious. He forgot the line entirely he almost cursed when I told them. Hey, let's not dilute the f bomb because we have it saved for a special moment here. He got the timing all screwed up on the. Comedic joke that we were to tell Katie Nolan. He was an absolute disaster in the first segment, and he was just smiling the entire time. Oh, he put his drink right on top of the computer. That was to sounds as well. Everyone's on the first four minutes. Everyone loved the first four minutes. It's the same thing that Cody does it's like just giving the law. Over rub it on my nibbles. The what are your what are you so worried about Mike? Well, we'll Cain was in general admission and the VIP's were in VIP was going to be a surprise that will came emerged. Chime in obviously people notice came was there, because when he walked out he was the loudest booze. I had ever heard in theater of that side. Is that what that was? I couldn't figure out where all that booing was coming from. And why the booing was happening. I was in a different part of the Bill, which is will Cain being escorted to his seat. Minding his own business. Wrestling, any needs it up up. We're got to me. He loved it any turn to escorting them to get that for social. Loves that. History of sports media loves everyone's poisonous hatred..

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