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Snare bottom and hi-hat. I just run into built in preamps on my Apollo. I haven't spent money on because look if you're like losing sleep over that your bottom snare. Mic isn't going into an AP like it's it's a it's a reinforcement like it's not or hi hat. It's like people just want Clarity. You're just get a clearer signal in your good trying to think channel five man. I haven't wage because of the moving and the broken arm. I haven't been on my rig for like four months. So this is off the top of my head pop quiz, I'm trying to Envision. My that's my snake that I plug into em. Yeah Channel 5. I use, you know rack Tom and floor, my channels five and six and I use a pair of the TV in DC 4/68, which is nice a really cool Mike for it's a really good Dynamic mic. It rejects a ton which I find with Tom's. You're always just trying to keep symbols out of them. That's yeah the name of the game. Tom's are very easy to manipulate and do stuff with them. later, as long as you can keep your ride cymbal from killing you in the Thomas definitely so the the 468 to do a really good job of rejecting which I dig and those go through a pair of trident t for celebration Channel strips, right just because I didn't Tom's or something, you know Tom's are something you don't really want to lose sleep over. So I find that you know with having a channel strip. I find like an EQ setting that I like and a touch a compression, you know going into the box and I just literally fire-and-forget and only change input game so cuz you know, kick and snare really make a track Tom's just have to sound like good times. So if you can get a good time sound and then just keep changing the drums themselves. You're going to change what you're capturing. You're you're going to be set for for whatever you got to do. And I think I think everyone just so everyone's on the same page. I think everyone knows the the series what we're talking about Mike's and Priam so a channel strip. So everyone knows is actually like on a on a piece of like outboard or like like a like a mixer. If you look down at it's your strip where there's typically like a gate a compressor volt to be there could be Reverb. Yeah. It's all in one I use it obviously a lot built-in as an insert in Pro Tools, which I'm using and it's just instead. Having four or five different plug-ins, you're using one thing. Yeah, so that's a channel strip. Yeah, the SSL plug-in being the best the one I see the most that it's one of the the most used plug-ins. I see that that exactly you can you can go from like a raw sound to input gain EQ compression, maybe even a senator. Yeah on the same plug-in. Yeah, it's great which I love the SSL. I use them tricked Halo Channel strip 3 and I but I again I do day in and day out a lot of voice stuff which i s s l is unreal for yeah. Yeah industry standard package. Okay carrying on so you're Tom or the EV 468 into the channel strip. And then where do you go from there? So channel seven and eight are my overheads, which I use a pair of Cole's 4038 which are some Figure 8 ribbon mic switch..

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