CNN, Msnbc, Donald Trump discussed on The Michael Medved Show


Something again I watch a lot of CNN and MSNBC hospitalized you guys don't have to but you can tell by the tone and tell by the language they were very disappointed first of all the two diplomats were boring more importantly when they were testifying about how Donald Trump pressured the country of Ukraine to open up an investigation into hunter Biden they essentially admit it well these are our impressions from what we heard from other people are the people who thought that's what was going on and in some cases the other people had no first hand knowledge either and it turns out neither of them had ever had a discussion with president trump not a discussion about Ukraine a discussion at all and when you have the chief legal analyst on CNN Jeffrey Toobin saying this because the one criticism of these two witnesses which I think is very much legitimate it's not really a criticism it's just a factual statement is that neither of them had direct contact with the present ever and ever and and yeah that's a problem if you're going to impeach the president I have a problem that's kind of a Taylor never had a conversation with president trump and that's important this is their chief legal analyst and they're all talking about the for both of them on the bomb Cheryl and how unusual now on conventional it is for president trump three going around the normal diplomatic channels and having Giuliani do all of his work one thirty three under pressure the company country are you crazy in the opening of an investigation into a potential rival digging up dirt by the way he there was a descriptor he's can you look into this you guys keep saying dig up your **** and then Jeffrey Toobin goes because the one criticism of these two witnesses which I think is very much.

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