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But long-term I didn't care for it. And if they're. Okay. If they're serious about doing something with NICKY cross, I would keep her away from sanity. Because now if they bring her up, and they decided to reboot sanity somehow great. But if it just sanity still sanity they've established those guys don't mean anything and they did so quickly by having. Now, I think they wonder I mash lost or second. They were doing the parody booking thing. They don't. We've seen so far. Anyway, they don't seem to have plans for those guys. And I know people like them together from t and all of that. But if you are higher on Nikki cross, and you are the three guys in the group, then just keep them apart. I don't think it's worth ringing her down again unless you're some plan to elevate sanity because I just. They're they'll probably be in the big elimination match by default because there's only so many teams but other than that. They don't do anything with those guys. Yeah. Yup. Aren't final question here. This comes from Richard T Eben. Jason I'll start off by going against the tradition in saying go VIP at the start of I make my Email rather than the end definitely value for the money and shows give me through long days at work. I'd actually rather listen to your podcast, then watch WB shots in all honesty. Keep up the great work. I love all the archive stuff, especially the torch, newsletters, and reading back on all the old times. My question is on Becky, and Rhonda is W W risking Rhonda's popularity with this championships champ match. Well, the same thing happened Arana's happened with Charlotte regarding fan heat during Rhonda's promo on Monday night, the Becky chance were allowed and as popular as Rhonda is Becky is Sova right now, I'm not even sure it could match up against her in the fans will side with Becky this is a testament to Becky she's been excellent in her. He'll roll which initially I thought she would struggle with. And I'm looking forward to this match. But I can't help think rod his character might be damaged as a result. Thanks for taking the time guys to read an edge of this all the best Richie in Ireland. Jason. We haven't. We haven't seen. Rhonda react yet to a crowd that isn't giving her the reaction that she I think craze and loves and likes. I know. It's so interesting. That's yeah. Like does does does it throw her off her game? She seems like somebody who's a candidate to be badly thrown off or game. If each other UK, yes if the of the fan side. What really strongly against her at four Becky, and I'm not predicting that necessarily happens. And we have next week's TV to fend that off. But I don't think it was a good move to make fun of somebody who went to college and was quote stewardess. That look like you're looking down at people for the jobs that they have instead of being single-mindedly focused on judo and Emma. May I thought it was snobbish and unbecoming and added fuel to people who were looking for a reason to take sides again. I think we've used that one differently. I mean, I I think that is the perception. And therefore, it was a mistake. But I really think it was just paid. That's what Becky did. And so let's bring some realism into this point out. I mean, it could have been you were were a stewardess serving drinks is meant to be an insult. Okay. Yeah. You got me there. I I guess I didn't even pick up on that part. It's also in a little ration-, which I think we're proud of clown college stewardess, serving drinks like I think she called. I think I think she used the data term stewardess because it alliterative with serving drinks stewardess serving drinks, which was dumb in and of itself. But that that I'm sorry. That's where I took it as it was meant for Ron at act. Holy not holier than thou. A bigger deal in a more, pure athlete and more dedicated. And I think I think it is the perception as backfire, okay? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Absolutely. And they need to be careful. They really do because it is risky. Becky Lynch is so popular. I just I don't know how the LA crowd is going to react to this one. And if it's I mentioned early if it's one night. Okay. We get over it and move on. And hopefully, the next night the same crowd is going to cheer..

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