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To get back to school, hairstyle wanna go to. School. Again like anything when my hair not dying you wanna look good yes in. North Philadelphia Hadas. Kuznits KYW, NewsRadio now time. For the KYW business report here's Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg business Federal Reserve chair Jay. Powell appeared to confirm that interest rates will. Be raised again next month but Powell gave no indication during his speech Jackson Hole that the central Bank. Intends to accelerate the pace of rate hikes that helped to boost stocks the Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred. Thirty three points or half. A percent to twenty five thousand seven hundred the NASDAQ Closed up sixty seven points or eight tenths percent the s. and p. five hundred gained eighteen points or six tenths percent. The NASDAQ and s&p closed at record highs of Verizon executive says internet speed caps. Have been removed for all first responders along the west coast where firefighters are dealing with wildfires and in Hawaii which is being hit by, hurricane lane the Santa Clara county fire department is. Suing Verizon charging it's internet, communications were throttled by the company hampering, efforts to battle a. Wildfire. The crude oil futures rose to sixty eight dollars and seventy two cents a. Barrel in New. York I'm, Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg. Business for KYW NewsRadio business reports at twenty five and fifty five after every. Hour the television host that brought us inside. The homes of celebrities has died correspondent TJ Katini looks back at the life of Robin Leach the veteran..

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