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He says. There are no flames threatening homes right now. Cover things could always change if there's a wind shift. Oh, so we are monitoring things. He says. Crews are positioned in strategic areas in case things do. Flare up way. Have a crash on the 57 in Diamond Bar, And this one is on the North bound side of Diamond Bar Boulevard involving a motorcyclist now watch out for all of the action in the center divider. I wouldn't be surprised if that left plane is off limits from time to time. Big delays served up out of Braila getting away from Imperial Highway. It's affecting the 60 eastbound as well. Watch for slowing here getting away from Fullerton Road. There's a fire in Long Beach we've got Will Kohlschreiber to tell us about it? KF Eye in the sky Sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com South bound side of the 7 10 at the 91 reports of some smoke kind of distracting drivers in the area off the side of the freeway. They're seeing a lot more slowing on the north bound side of the 17 really getting away from before Pacific Coast Highway making your way on a past the 91 also eastbound side of the 22 at Harbor. Hard crash there and at least the three left lanes, causing big delays back from Beach Boulevard again. That's on the eastbound side of the 22 injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Will Kohlschreiber Kay, If I and this guy KF eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez this hour of Ko Phi is sponsored by son Lux. Southern California's best value in solar dial, Pound 2 50 say sunblock warming up We'll tell you about that next what to do? They won't let you work. And then the government doesn't send you the unemployment check and you're running out of money. And now you get the car insurance Bill..

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