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Hysteria is brought to you by ritual. We deserve to know what we're putting in our bodies and why and that's why rituals founder is on a mission reinvent. The vitamin industry ritual left out mystery additives synthetic fillers shady extras that can be found in some traditional multivitamins and committed to showing you their nutrients where it came from and why they chose it. They call it. Traceability ritual uses vegan certified non. Gmo gluten free and allergen free ingredients and their sources are out there for the whole world to see because they believe you deserve to know what you're putting in your body and why one thing. I love about ritual is that there's no choppiness when you take the vitamin there is meant in the jar with it and it makes every vitamin kind of have a little mindy aftertaste which is so much nicer than most multi. Vitamins daily changes CAN LEAD TO BIG RESULTS. So start small today rituals offering my listeners. Ten percent off your first three months. Try it out. Satisfaction guaranteed go to ritual dot com slash hysteria to start your ritual today. That's ten percent off your first three months. At ritual dot com slash hysteria. Okay before we get to sanity corner a couple little pieces of house cleaning house keeping if you want to submit a hill you'll die on. You can record thirty second voice. Memo on your phone and send it to hysteria. Crooked Dot Com you can also submit your own sanity corner ideas or if you just have any feedback or thoughts on the show. Hysteria CROOKED DOT COM. I will say that hate mail gets forwarded around to everybody in the company ridiculed. So if you're going to be a critical please be constructive about it. Also if you have a question about it navigating a tough situation at work or how to make friends as an adult or maybe you're just looking for some advice. You can send an email to hysteria. Crooked Dot Com with your questions and we might answer them in our weekly video segment dude. You asked which is posted on crooked media's socials and finally the hysteria sleep mask just got restocked on the crooked store says fuck off a bunch of times on it over and over again which I think a lot of us would like to say in our lives and it's great for when you need your beauty sleep or to just be left alone. You can check it out at crooked dot com slash store. Okay guys let's do sanity corner and we're back. Thanks for listening to all those wonderful ads for.

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