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Beautiful Souls I'm back with the third of five practices in this series of resurrecting your awareness of the mother awakening spring. And I invite you not to watch the first video in the series that explains what the Heck I mean what? I am inviting us to step into and be other practices. I've shared so far so I'm sharing five and today is the third of five and it may be my favorites. I love all of these very very near and dear to my heart on part of my own regular practices and in this time of the sacred transition into spring into the season of rebirth and renewal and beginnings and awakening. They are more near and dear to my heart. We happened to this year. Be Doing this. Transitional time in a a climate of uncertainty and unprecedented events and there is truly no better time than now given those two variables with spraying. And what we're facing what were were dealing with to resurrect our awareness of the mother to have this authentic connection and relationship and experience of her because she has always been here and she is literally waiting and and wanting us to receive the love. That is so unconditionally. Given at all times and so these practices. I'm sharing are ways to do that today. You are going to practice a plant tournament and again these these practices. I'm giving can be done now today anytime anywhere for free. Nothing special no special training needed no equipments. No nothing. It's just you and your pure devotion curiosity and stepping into that role of of student and beginner initiates. The are the types of of spring and having this relationship with your mother so practicing a plant at tournament. You can do this no matter where you are. So if you're if you're stuck somewhere in this time of quarantine you can be in your yard. You can be on a balcony. You can be looking out a window any anywhere okay. This'll this'll work just fine so a plan tournament is you remembering your admit ability to communicate with plants. Plants are a huge part of my work of my offerings end of my own. Just personal practice. I engage with them many times in a day. In their four main forms of fruit and vegetables herbs oils and plant spirits flower essences so communing with the spirit the energy of a plant. Like I'm asking you to do in this. Practice is on that that most subtle end of the spectrum from subtle to gross so tangible to intangible obviously fruit vegetable quite tangible and the the spirit the energy of a plant is is tangible in a different way we can see it and feel it with with our inner vision with our our our own energy our own essence meeting on that that soul so level each plants on earth has its own particular frequency. Its own particular offering and medicine and wisdom advice. You can think of of our plants as original ancestors. They've been here way longer than humans have and they will probably be here long after US. They are are the reason that we have made it this far the reason that we are here they offer us everything. Clothing shelter food medicine all of it so we can think of them as as our wise elders and each one of them has something very unique to say to share. And that's getting into kind of working with with flower. Essences is there is literally a plants for every single thing every single condition and challenge and triumph and joy and everything that human will face during their lifetime so we all have the ability to communicate with these plants like the mother as her her ambassadors. Helpers we have chosen to kind of ignore that part of ourselves as shared in the first video it's been shamed and scared out of us this this inmate connection to the mother to this this great spiral principal as I call it in my work and in this this series. I'm sharing with you inviting us all to to see her to feel her to receive her. So we all have this ability to communicate with plants. And I'm asking you today to tap into that and remember you are going to be outside in whatever capacity. You are able at this time. You can walk outside. You can just look around a window and see what what plants you can see. Maybe there's a plant in your home. So ideally you would be outside and allow a plant to kind of call to you. Maybe it's one you nursing before maybe it's one that have always been curious about always alta connection with a particular tree in your yard or whatever it is you know so trusting that you know and allowing it to call to you and to to capture your attention and from there you are consciously going to open lines of communication with that plant. And how would you begin a conversation or or in exchange with somebody at a coffee shop or think bacteria single days hanging out at a bar? Something I know I did plenty of pets How would you have initiated a conversation? Then it's the same thing so you're going to introduce yourself? You're going to state your intention. I desire to to open up this parts of of myself. That knows how to receive your communication. Even if you're not gonNA sprout a mouth and vocal cords and start talking to me the way that I need to talking and I'm allowing myself to see and receive beyond that and to not give into if it's not talking to me in that way then it's not talking in that's stupid and that's not real Letting that part of the brain just like take a little back seat. Promise that you'll let it do something super intellectual in you know whatever it wants to do later and right now you're using your very like cosmic primordial mystical part of your brain and you're going to state this. It's super powerful. If you literally use your voice and speak out loud because that's kind of in in our human suits these beautiful vessels we get to wear. That's our main way of communication is up and out to using this whole setup rate here so you speaking and that way is the way that you are. Your vessel speaks so meeting them in in your kind of preferred communication and then waiting for a response. Trust that you will receive a response and trust the what you are receiving is true at happening in real in beautiful in profound. And just take it from there. Receive what you receive. Ask if there's any messages for you ask if there is something that it wants from you have. A Conversation. Have a journal nearby. Maybe draw the plant rate down anything that comes through and just take it from there. If this practice is brand new to you awesome. Go for it if it makes you uncomfortable. Lean into that because this is our this is what Israel our connection with these beings that are like right here and have always been right here. This is something that is part of your practice. Do regularly amazing. Maybe there's there's something for you to receive at this time from a different plant it from an existing ally. Ats The practice for today. Please please share how it goes for you. I really really really on here and I will see you with the next practice..

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