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Live at our show with this to God's only SPN. Radio was Steve. Hold on a second. I'm gonna tell you what just happened. I was about to say, was Stephen as. Number seven. Listen to me, I was about to say that was Stephen as top five list of rookies in the NFL really just the order. They were drafted it. I was about to ask that because when people are writing that in and I don't know whether that's true or not, but I want it to be true. But as I was beginning that thought Mike Ryan, for some reason decided to not only deliver this in my ear, but to whisper it, which made it all the funnier, which is, yes. Well, you go ahead Mike, do it again as I just experienced it to start this segment. So people can hear what it's like sometimes to live inside my head. This is what was actually happening inside my headphones. As I began the thought Stephen as top five list and Tom ventures, we may have to find a substitute. A substitute. And then he was so amused with himself. He was so pleased with himself that he just ran away from the microphone, a substitute. It's worthy of the came Knicks laugh. So's this person's written in what I believe to be the hardest question. The history of our polling. What is more likely to God's talking himself out of a hostage situation or stugatz talking himself into one. Tom Barringer with us new film, American dresser, Josh Allen number seven is in theaters and on demand. Temer twenty I, this is the height of entertainment for this Hollywood star. Here he's getting AM radio and and that sound effects here. He is without further ado, Tom Barringer, ladies and gentlemen. Morning. Good morning. We're very excited to have you on, and we want to just ask you questions about major league, but I'm curious, Tom, what is the thing that your most asked about? Like when people are peppering you and bothering you? What is it major league, the substitute? Is that something else. Usually it's either major league or sniper, maybe put you in that one. History case on necessarily in that order. But those three, I know our audience. I mean, did you guys know when you were making major league that you making a what was going to be a cult classic and just something that was icon it? Well, I thought it would be I can't speak for everybody else, but I thought because I thought the writing was so praying David worth just to the hell the job and first of all, he really knew baseball new in English guy said, I didn't know anything about the game course go up with cricket. I go. Yeah. And he said, I actually learned about baseball. I go. Yeah, probably not easy for four hundred to learn the rules, but it was obvious though at the end of the movie when you bunted there and scored the running from second, it was obvious that he didn't know anything about baseball. Yeah, that, yeah, that's the fortunate, the only unfortunate part, but you looked so good running down that baseline that was your knees were in so much pain. You were sore for weeks rages, and it was a brilliant, brilliant. It was. It was tied Cobb kinda tactic. Like to play and manage baseball's? Well, it was such a great movie. It's not about home, runs home, run home runs this. It's not about that. Right. So you're not really can't hit on you go. Yeah. And he went up three in a row, three times a bad hit. Three home runs. Donnas just looked at him like. Thought it was such a great movie. I'm wondering what is and so many great actors in that movie. Wondering what's the best story from the Senate major league. Wow, the best one. That's a question and. Oh story. I don't know. That was the time some drunk girl and her boyfriend at the bar in the hotel Milwaukee. Just started some shit with Charlie Sheen. Early say, we just got a work and and we all start closing in on them. You know, Dennis Hayes bird gets up. Wesley gets I get all just kind of all had the same thought. We'd just start creeping in to intervene in on..

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