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So let's get the story behind this idea shall we? Here's part one of our interview with James Hinchcliffe back with us on race line radio. I did have an interview with you to talk about your season and what was going on and then and then Robbie had his accident, and we have seen since a videos of him, you know, with with that bicycles sort of thing and telling fans, and he's fighting to get back. And that's the thing that I wanted to ask you about is the fact that Robbie's of fighter, we always knew he was a fighter. We've known them a long time. He's your best friend and and it's just fabulous to see that he ain't taken this lying down if you want to be, you know, kind of funny about it. He's fighting back. To try and get back into a race car is soon as you can, and that's that's awful good to see, isn't it? Yeah, no doubt. I mean, he's done it for a while and the fans that didn't know him before we got to see what he was all about this year, and he is a fighter and he's stubborn to tell. So he's working sail off as promise you had, you know, he, he always every time I see him, which is, you know, luckily pretty often. Heels just says, I much appreciate all love and support that that he and Carly getting the motorsports world and defense all over that. That means a lot guys keep doing that keeps going below and yeah, he's he's, he can't be back to Burma to them. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And thank you for that off the top here. Congrats again on being named Indy most popular driver for twenty eight thousand. What's this? The millionth time you've been selected for that. Appreciate it. I mean, obviously it's diverse. We have all the fans and everybody voted repre-. She ate the support, obviously. It's cool. You know, I'm, I'm so fortunately I do, Eric, it's, you know, when when fans recognized all the things that you do above and beyond just driving the race car, I think a lot of that comes from, it's, you know, it's not a champion champion. Dogs could go number one. Also one. It's still it's a sweeping to to be recognized, everybody like that. So very much appreciated and thanks, everybody voted. Exactly, exactly. James Hinchcliffe. You don't recognize the voice in wrong. If you don't on race line radio, I wanna talk primarily about the the essay that you wrote for racer dot com. You know what it? It hints. It reminded me of the white paper that gurney wrote about the state of IndyCar in seventy nine when he called for the creation of car to bring IndyCar racing batter back under control. Again, you know, giving owners more say in how the sport is run. When you sack was calling the shots as a longtime ago. You are calling for a more formal drivers association for greater influence on how Indy-Car is run when it comes to representing drivers rights and drivers.

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