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Thanks I heard that one of them it's nice because yeah James Shaw and guitarist for smashing pumpkins it's his birthday today now nice I am I am I follow this book Twitter it's mondo mascots it's all right why do you feel well I wish it was handled and to do you are you going to put me I yum B. you should just see this one I just retweeted it at our a fake bill it's the new mascot in Thailand is he's called co the Pune and he teaches kids how to wash their hands and social distance where he doesn't have any hands well he's got several appendages of some sort and he's there was some other little mascot with a mask on their goal weight the mascot with the masculine is that co Vic Damone Coleman Kerr and the other one is the virus so that I think I see what the other is like the VA yeah it's it's it's fabulous and they are just so bizarre and creative with their their mascots and and they and they alone they have mascots for everything especially in Japan everything every city has won every little up prefecture in every little area has a mascot some of them are kind of like mmhm but yeah excellent excellent Cova goon I guess this impression fooled quite a few people did it yeah I got I got quite a few good sponsors saying what is this like a hidden recording earned well because that's how crazy he is you would believe he would say those things some people what you're talking about a system that dropped on a plane that was it was trumpets from a guy a comedian on Twitter and you can you can hear the the the thing on Twitter at J. L. C. capitals at jail see Alvin so it's jail Calvin C. A. U. V. I. S. Christ whose full name you know he was he was Jewish cels full name might have been like Christ awaits but god rose from the dead on our day we now call Easter not a lot of people know that but it's still the Easter yeah he's he's just so good that he had people fooled there I'm I'm sorry to scare you folks he is really good it's it's just his voice so he doesn't do like a whole no he doesn't look like yeah now he just he puts on the red hat either this looks like a guy very funny just a guy not not a lot of people east and a lot of people know about it yeah he because he's got all of trump's mannerisms down the way he pronounces words not a small a lot of fee people know call that your local in store and place and your order pick strong up options are also tremendous available is when the views he expressed is he's on got X..

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