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From ABC news. And Kyrie Preston. President trump. Talking tariffs this morning hours after tariffs jumped on some Chinese imports. The president tweets that raising tariffs on all Chinese imports is in the works ABC's. Lana Zak is at the White House overnight, the US impose tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese products. President Trump says it's a response to China backpedaling on trade negotiations. We were getting very close to a deal, then they started to renegotiate the deal. We can't have that. We can have that tariffs. That were ten percent jumping to twenty five percent today in the middle of ongoing negotiations between the two countries. China has threatened to retaliate. Lana Zak ABC news. The white all this unfolding is trade to go. She resumed today. We are hearing from one of the students who help save lives during the attack on that Colorado school, Joshua Jones, speaking exclusively with ABC news saw the the gunman come in the room, you know, brandishing a weapon saying, nobody move and then saw Kendrick in and Brendan get up and. You know, I was I was right there with Hendrick. Casteel was killed as the three charged the gunman Joshua ended up lying on top of the shooter. Both the accused attackers are due in court today. Experts are now trying to learn more about the North Korean missile tests are new alarming images released by North Korea showing Kim Jong own directing the firing of at least two powerful short range. Ballistic missiles on Thursday, which he says hit their designated targets. The waters off the coast with great energy chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. Uber's IPO is today want in on Uber's initial public offering be prepared to pay forty five dollars a share. That's what the ride sharing companies decided as an introductory price. Valuing the company at eighty two billion dollars experts say that's on the conservative side. Uber had been prepared to charge.

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