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And just that press conference that colmey held to me was like it shows that the fbi does have a problem with constantly getting involved in politics when it shouldn't uh it might be in the right in this case because it's pursuing what seems to be a series investigation against donald trump but still i'm uncomfortable with the idea of this law enforcement agencies consistently getting embroiled in our policy some i remember and that was definitely very much on on my mind app back when met when the fbi was was the enemy of liberals was a case from back in 2014 when at the mayor of washington d c vince gray was the target of a federal corruption investigation four basically for campaign finance law violations that would not be illegal today at but that were illegal at the time of the 2010 campaign and it seemed like the kind of case where the prosecutors one person people they they lie to make big case skin and like i i don't think they were going after grave for low motives they thought they had this great case and they thought they were going to take the mayor down um but it turned out that well they had a pretty good case against some of his aides they never had a case that they could bring to prosecutors against vince gray but instead of clearing him what they did was about a week before the election they leaked to the washington post that they were imminently going to file criminal charges he lost the election and then they just never filed charges because apparently they didn't have the case and to me which really striking about this you know any agency shit can happen this lot people working in the federal government but nothing happened as a result of that you know what i mean there was no nobody said james colmey the director and the other people in his office they didn't look back at that and say well somebody really fucked this up you can't leak.

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