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To keep its key short term interest rate near zero through twenty twenty two the fed also says it will keep buying about one hundred twenty billion dollars in treasury and mortgage bonds each month to keep longer term borrowing rates low the central bank's key short term rate influences a range of loans including for homes autos and credit cards Ford is recalling about two and a half million vehicles in the United States Canada and elsewhere because of big door latch problem any brake fluid leak the door latch recall covers more than two point one million cars SUVs and vans in the U. S. blotches can fail because the doors to open its the third recall for the same problem Ford is also recalling nearly three hundred forty four thousand F. one fifties to fix a fluid leak from the brake master cylinder the company says the problems caused seven low speed crashes with two injuries Kok ending its sponsorship of Major League Baseball after three seasons MLB and coca Cola saying it's just not working out coca Cola MLB announced their partnership back in twenty seventeen we could put your flower crowns and fringe away because Coachella twenty twenty is not happening also not happening stage go twenty twenty the infamous music festival in southern California canceled this year due to the pandemic organizers had to make massive budget cuts include delaying off fifteen percent of the staff as California's lockdown orders put concerts on indefinite hold and a guy may have felt like he just needed to get out of Wisconsin man facing felony charges after trying to sign his name in the grass of Miller park in Milwaukee the guy's name is key on lamberti allegedly broke into the park stole a tractor and tried to shave his name into the infield because about forty thousand dollars worth of damage but it's probably the most action Miller park's gonna see this season it is four minutes away from it hearing from Alan stock.

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