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Skulls are still flapping their jaws today about the riot on Capitol Hill again, weaken them. The actions of a tiny, tiny group. Protesters. At the peaceful protest the vast majority the coin, a phrase that Charlie Parker likes to use were Totally within the law totally within their constitutional rights free speech. Freedom of assembly, etcetera. And yet a Z 4131 of our texters said, which, uh, that was a good observation. Unfortunately, the capital mob is going to become the new Timothy McVeigh for the next 20 years. Lives will point to this whenever their side riots. Yeah. Remember Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber? Whenever you'd say Well, geez, there was another Muslim terror attack today by a refugee. What about Timothy McVeigh? He was a Christian. I actually wasn't a Christian Actually, no. But you know, there he was, he's but now they have a new a new one. And I had again. On unarmed protester. I thought they cared about unarmed civilians being shot by the police. But there are no riots for raw defund the police. No. One no stores looted in D. C. But I thought that we're gonna take a lot of calls this hour, and we gotta have Corey Woodhouse get the bottom of the hour. But I wanted to just go over some of these cuts where they are calling for violence it again. They're going to impeach Donald Trump. Or they're gonna They're talking about impeaching Donald Trump. Katherine Clark, the drifter from Colorado who is now a congresswoman from the North Shore in she's in House leadership. She blew in here about that 20 years ago, and now she's a congresswoman, and she's rising rapidly in the leadership. She? Is she on the eastern standard Time or mountain standard time? Is she giving up mountain standard time? I don't know..

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