Google, Phil, C. E. O. discussed on Sean Hannity


You find inside Google that was related to this idea of fairness from religion furnace was machine morning over the whole firmus all Sturman for machine learning furnace whatever it is that they want the foreigners for direction think of service was on Phil because it's taking us import the courts for making armed Serrano which signals or been generated from somewhere signals watched it out before show your parents house also received a troll of confidential documents from within Google this document is about algorithmic unfairness it reads quote for example imagine that a Google image query for C. E. O.'s shows predominately men even if it were is factually accurate representation of the world it would be algorithmic unfairness Goron GTA a Google software engineer independently verified the thesis of this document in fairness it seems this isn't a confidential document correct dose is not a document in Google is come out and if needed is that this is their process in in this in this document.

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