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Sports is an escape for all of us to go and root for our teams and high five each other. Whether we know each other or not. When our teams do. Well, it should not be a place for politics. All right. There you go. The open mic is lit up this morning. What do you think about this story? Your baseball fan. You no doubt have seen this guy's banner. His name is Don Cheney. And he announced on Twitter yesterday he's been banned by Major League Baseball. This is the guy who hangs the banner Trump one. He's been to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, but the Disney waistband from Disney World as well. He's gone to a lot of different stadiums, unfurling that banner. Trump won. So what do you think about that story? This is where Orlando sounds off. Open mic feature there in the wdbo. I've used that open mic. Use it liberally. All right, So Ed torrents knows we love list on this show, Right? We absolutely love list video. I've got another list for you. It's the U. S. News and World Report Healthiest communities Rankings list It comes out today. It's hot off the presses. And here you go. Los Alamos County, New Mexico. Has been ranked as the healthiest US community for the second year in a row. Anybody bend into Mexico in here? Anybody? I haven't Yeah, Nobody. I've been Arizona never been in New Mexico. But Los Alamos is home to canyons. Mace is connected to a 58 mile trail Network. 13 developed public parks expansive golf course. Yada, yada, yada, yada big face out there too. Yeah, I got lots of radiation of it. They They certainly do. They certainly do. So, um Los Alamos. Is number one in terms of the healthiest US community, according to U. S News and World Report, Uh, counties in Hawaii, taking the three top spots in the mental health category. With Honolulu County ranking number one. Yeah, that's not surprising. Scott they get days off for school is kids when the swells are big Good point, C. C and it's not not because it's dangerous. Just because it's good surfing. Yeah. I mean, you want to talk about good mental health. Give me days off for school to go serve. Yeah. Where do you think Orlando is on this list? Or did they make the No? No, I didn't even see it. I don't know if you guys are looking at this, but I don't see Orlando on this list is going to say if they had a bottom 10 of the list, and I would expect us there. No, we love Orlando. Come on. I love me Some Orlando. Yeah, well, we could love it doesn't mean they love or Yeah, that's a good see, That's that's the point. Right? There is that we understand. It's great to live here in Orlando. But for whatever reason that outside perspective just doesn't quite translate as well. That probably doesn't it does. Does it have something to do? With all the Theresa's here, maybe the theme parks or maybe the lack of trails, pedestrians. It's not a good city for pedestrians, at least right now. We're improving in that area. Well, we've got that new walk Bridge over Maitland. We do the bridge to absolutely No. It's from nowhere to nowhere. I still can't figure out that bridge. But look, I wouldn't trade living here in central Florida for anything. Los Alamos, New Mexico. Honolulu, Hawaii Nothing. I love me some Orlando I I think the only people I've actually known to visit New Mexico have gone because they have friends living there. Who are only living there, because they're living in the base there like that's the only time I've ever known like anyone to go visit New Mexico because they're visiting friends who only are living there because they have to. Well, The only person I have known who has gone to new Mexico was because their plane got diverted there temporarily and then they went on their route. You go. It's 6 56 now and wdbo one. Oh 73 of them at a m. 5 80 Good.

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