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Three to four thousand feet we could be talking a foot or two of snow and that elevation you for us as wind gusts of forty five to fifty miles an hour possible that when we start to see some issues with power outages that we start to see some trees being impacted certainly would granted coming down there's a possibility some we can increase that might be able to come down and that kind of when Caldor Isle of Caltrans as white out conditions are possible the travel is discouraged but if you must go out be sure to keep supplies in your vehicle that would be extra water not blanket make sure that you have a full tank of gas and make sure that your windshield wiper fluid is also for because you never know how long you might be stuck in traffic and of course don't forget your cell phone and make sure it's charged Mike good advice Joe thanks meantime a little south of us a big fire in Santa Barbara county Anthony storm that it was Santa Barbara fire says some firefighters started working on the cave fire shortly after it started on Monday we had helicopters working under night vision goggles they continued all night first thing this morning we started the fixed wing aircraft we have a very large air tankers larger tankers trying to boxes sing in the fires going to over forty two hundred acres it's zero percent contained about five thousand people have been evacuated started assess fire crews are battling torturous terrain in typical fire weather the relative humidity is are still very low were in critical fire weather right now and it was yesterday to you may not feel like it but last night the top of the commuter cielo winter up to forty five miles an hour it's unclear how the fire started Veronica courted is ninety three point one KFBK the California department public health is raising the alarm over high number of valley fever cases in California valley fever is an infectious disease caused by a fungus that lives in the soil mainly the Central Valley and the central coast Dr Duke lucha for the department of public health says valley fever can be very dangerous untreated date because the and some people and could be severe as well including accusations and in rare cases that doctor who just as the cases of valley fever increasing over the years we just says that symptoms of valley fever are similar to a cold or flu which includes cough fever and fatigue however he says of the symptoms last longer than a week go to a doctor because it could be valley fever the Sacramento post offices will see an extreme influx of mail and packages this holiday season make a patent from the US postal service says the amount of mail will process and deliver the two weeks before Christmas is not the normal amount they usually see normally in the past it was the busiest milling day but now it's the busiest milling wheat because we are processing and delivering more than two hundred million packages leading up to Christmas says in total from thanksgiving to new years the Sacramento mail center will process over fifteen billion with a B. pieces of mail she says the mail centers open twenty four hours a day to make sure everybody gets their mail in time for the holidays a search is still under way today in Bakersfield California after shots were fired at a mall last night police in Bakersfield say they're still looking for suspects in the shooting it was apparently an argument between two groups and then somebody fired shots two victims were hit nav minor gunshot injuries but shoppers at valley plaza mall went into a panic some running out screaming other receipt in stores believing there was an active shooter the police chief says there was not an active shooter at like stone EBC names it is one of America's leading sources for news about the government yet is it all it is also among the least trusted it's social media according to a new poll it's America's political news paradox the full from the Associated Press NO R. C. center for public opinion research and USA fax towns that found rather that fifty four percent of Americans say they get government related information from social media at least once a day compare that with fifty two percent who said they get information about government daily from local TV news fifty percent from national TV news in forty seven percent from cable news hello with nineteen percent from nationally circulated newspaper seller poll also found that Americans are significantly more likely to say they get information from social media repeatedly throughout the day than to say the same about any other news source unpaid family care givers in California volunteer for billion hours of their time and perform work valued at sixty three billion dollars every year that's according to a recent report from A. A. R. P. the Golden State with almost forty million residents has nearly five million care givers who help adult friends or relatives with limitations in their daily activities block a pastor with A. R. P. California says lawmakers should require employers to allow workers more flexible schedules and paid time off when they're caring for an older adult policy makers need to give people more time during their work day and not have to take vacation time for sick time to take care of a loved one and last year California lawmakers raise the amount that workers are paid off on family leave a twenty fifteen law requires that hospitals train care givers for tests such as cleaning wounds giving medication or moving a person from a wheelchair to a bed.

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