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Here's an I Heart radio podcast preview known At the beginning of fish. What I know now, you know, the band is like an organic ever growing thing. That's a conversation I had with Trey Anastasio, lead singer and guitarist of Fish for a piece I wrote back in 2002. I first saw fish at a tiny club in the late eighties. Now, decades later, the band is still touring. Still making a cultural impact, and I'm still covering them. I'm Dean. But Nick and this is long May they run Season one fish e saw the late eighties and the people are going crazy. I mean the dancing like a storm. After the shot rush backstage. You should look it. I'm quitting. My job is a broader. I'm you know, Manager. I've seen it, And that's the future. They change. The industry that changed the landscape of the entire festival circuit were to draw 75 80,000 people to Indian reservation in the middle of Florida on New Year's 1999. No, never heard of us. We're gonna do it anyway, and have it work. This'd like path. We're gonna follow it. We don't care where it leads the Baker's dozen a different show every night at the world's most famous arena, not a single song repeated. I beg everyone to find me a band who could do that. Welcome to long May they run, Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I Heart radio at number one for music, radio and podcasts, all in one Books on Shadow technology, allowing an 11 year old girl and fully Minnesota toe order her own lunch for the first time last week. Chicken sandwich wanted chicken sandwich that what do you want? Okay, we're having a chicken sandwich. Harley Walker suffers from cerebral palsy and is nonverbal. McDonald's endorse section normally closed for Cove. It opened to allow her to use a device It's called I gaze By Toby Dinah Box. She locks her vision onto an icon on the screen for more than 0.4 seconds. And it speaks for her. I just witnessed my daughter talk for the first time and order her own food. That's her mom, Melissa, who says, Until now she never knew what hardly like to eat. Now. I know that hardly like chicken sandwiches drinks. That's amazing device isn't limited to making choices. She can also select emotions or communicate. What hurts if she's sick with Fox on Tech and a Iliopoulos Fox News Thistles House call for health. Recent remarks from the U. S. Army's chief of staff suggested increasing army members. Suicides could be linked to the Corona virus Pandemic. General James Makhan Ville says the Department of Defense Records show 38 soldiers committed suicide between January and March. That's eight more than the same time period the previous year. He's Associated Press also reporting the number of military suicides being up roughly 20% since springtime General Akane Ville says he's quote very concerned about the behavioral health impacts nationwide Quarantine and lockdowns will have on soldiers. The D O D, however, has not yet suggested there's a direct link between isolation and suicide. General Makhan Ville believes it's having an effect because it's disconnecting people. Millions of in person. Medical appointments have been canceled by the Department of Veterans Affairs because of The pandemic. For more health news, go to fox news, health dot com HOUSE Call for Health on Lisa Brady FOX News W Y eah send video service provided by Redefined.

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