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I really liked this one. This is your picks. I like this one too, and it really wasn't. It wasn't in my top ten, but I graded with a curve. Because I did not expect her to have a song miss good. Yeah. Sleet Gomez a sweeter place featuring kid. Cudi. Yeah and I think I mean kid cudi's all over the sound of the song I feel like. Yeah you mean, not only like being in it, but just like he probably produced it. I'm thinking produced it. Yeah. Maybe even did some of the The music you know. Yeah I don't I didn't look into it that much. But yeah it. Like it could be like a kid cudi's song featuring Selena Gomez singing. When you listen to it. I agree that it's really good. Yeah and it's got that that hooked that's Kinda and it's Kinda. Reminds me of like. Eighty S R&B Hook, but but it's just A. It wasn't what I was expecting when sauce Gomez had a new album. Yeah. Selena. Gomez at of Texas by the way of anybody cares or doesn't know anything about did not know that. So thank you for that information. Let's. Let's. Let's do it sweeter place featuring Kate Keti bicyle commits. Unknown. Pull prelims. This. Learner. Ads Kim. Holding hands with. and. Must be isn't. Right next.

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