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Seen his shadow. No. Yes, as of 2021 couldn't get any worse. But don't worry, it probably will. Six more weeks of winter. We're still trying to clear image of the ground hog. If you're watching on television, I'm sure it's everywhere you can find it, but that's the deal, guys. Six more weeks of winter. According to a woodchuck. What do you think, Kay? You need that You need the gloves. A sap. We need the gloves. You gotta get ready. You can't even get him. No, everything is shit now right now, So even if I ordered gloves, when are they arriving? That's why I had to order them now so you can least get them a month out from now. Yeah, well, I'll figure out how to make it. Make it work. That's not that bad, right? I mean, six weeks is not that bad. No, no. I mean, considering we've lived through 2020 and all of 2021. This just seems almost at proposed. Heady not seen it. I would have asked him to come out and just do a double Take because that's like that. Are you sure? Mr Ground? Look, Are you sure you don't want to come back out and just recheck? Yes, we'll see you next year. We'll see you next year. The NFL. Obviously, we're moving towards the Super Bowl. A couple of important notes here. The Chiefs have played their place. They're wide receiver to Marcus Robinson in their backup center Daniel killed or on the reserve covert 19 list again. This doesn't mean they can't play, but they do have to test out negatively. The next five days, which should obviously they could get be tested out by Saturday. Also important to note that both teams every single player on both teams. He's going to be tested daily. And if you're wondering something we have been wondering on and off the air for the last couple days if Mahomes or Brady were to be test positive. Tamora Smith, the NFL both sides Players, Owners League. Game will go on. We shall see. But they say the show, all right. That's what most people think that his key mentioned yesterday when we were discussing it off the air. If you've done it for 17 weeks and the entirety of the postseason, it seems a little strange to be able to. Look it now. But then again, I don't think Raymond James Stadium is booked solid, so they could certainly move.

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