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Movement a total readjustment and for the first time in a las trees history of the committee and the tears. There has been a relegation our show the tears always a director is to the bottom of the screen and move up the bottom tier is now the nfc's and before we go through the rest what you're going to notice is what's missing. The jets are out the jets at no longer deserve to be included. No no no. Don't show this yet. give me go back to my full tears. Please we're moving too quickly. The jets are out there on. Nfc's is the bottom of the barrel. Adam gazes somewhere looking up for his team of areas and you're not gonna find now disrespect to mock draft season. The lions have moved down to mock draft season. The jags have always been there. The bengals feel good about not much else. The texans at mock draft season and they don't even have their own draft picks all right. This next tier is somewhat interesting. I put still fighting. These are teams that on any given weekend could be a pain to play and could be a handful to deal with the balcony. The viking dalvin cook the chargers with a pervert. But they're not gonna play all so now we can get to the teams that truly matter this year right here. Afc playoff battle three spots five teams. They're going to battle it out. The dolphins and the bills for the afc east and weber doesn't get it. We'll be fighting with the browns. Colton and raiders for the final two wild card spots in the afc so there will be three playoff teams from that here too will be going home. Then we get to the real contenders but the ones with the major flaw for the seahawks. It's obviously their defense for the cardinals who have moved up. It is obviously their lack of experience for the tightened their defense and for the rams and the box. It's the massive questions about their quarterback. Then you get to the cream of the crop championship caliber saints ravens packers steelers. These are the best teams in football. Aside from the defending champion number one contender. There isn't one that was the steelers. The steelers shaky performance this week against the dallas cowboys. Having that game come down to a final heave from garrett gilbert. Pardon me a week. After a game came down to a final he via lamar jackson a week after a game came down to a final kick by stephen gostkowski missed three weeks in a row. They could have been beaten on the final play of the game. You're no longer than number one contender. And then the champ stay the champs so there's the tears the committee had some hard soul-searching we kick the jets out. Yes to relieve a tear vacant. Yes so that's where we're at brandon. Marshall this will finally be the week. I am convinced that you say nick you in the committee got it exactly right absolutely.

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