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The cape saint Clair exit, getting over the Chesapeake, but this week expect and you may have expected worse on route 50. Volume is still a factor, but it is not a costly delay to get on to Kent island. And it'll just take a little bit longer. Or 95 and Baltimore Washington Parkway, there'll be a slow stretches of traffic between the beltways and southbound merging off 95 to get onto the capitol belt weighs outer loop. Delays will start to ease with the crash at New Hampshire avenue exit 28 out of the way. Slow on both loops of four 95 between the spur and tysons toward the American legion bridge And on the out of live through Alexandria to the Wilson bridge, delays easing past Andrews with a crash near exit 13 clear. New crash reported on Baltimore, Washington Parkway, northbound between Goddard and powder mill fire rescue was sent in the district D.C. two 95 heavy from the 11th street bridge to eastern avenue from the taft bridge toward DuPont circle, delays are easing on Connecticut avenue southbound to the crash at California street, should by now be clear. In Virginia, 66 westbound still have a centerville intimate asset still with some bailout on 29 through the battlefield. On 95, southbound traffic slows through woodbridge toward one 23 and in separate stretches at a Quantico through Stafford county to Fredericksburg, but the volume delays are far from where they were earlier today. A lot of folks have already started their holiday weekend. Let mule soft Keras off and all of their reseller partners support your agency's yearend IT needs with Keras offs federally focused 24/7 assistance. Learn more at count on Keras off dot com. Dave dildine WTO traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist Mike Steiner. As we go into the evening hours, partly cloudy skies, it is rather warm, but the humidity is fairly low. Layers and I were going to write a product to

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