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Wall Street where 39° in Central Park We've got an accident on the inbound upper level the George Washington bridge the tales on the delays coming up in traffic first Michael Barr with more on what's going on in New York and around the world Michael Thank you very much Nathan President Biden is calling on Congress to take action against gun crimes after 6 people were shot and killed early Sunday in downtown Sacramento Police say three men and three women were fatally shot 12 others were wounded authorities say there were at least two shooters Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg says it's past time to deal with gun violence This sickness will be cured some day in this country Or we will destroy ourselves in this country Mayor Steinberg says a motive has not been offered Meanwhile New York mayor Eric Adams says he spoke to President Biden over the weekend about gun violence Adam says his crime task force has been out on the streets collecting illegal weapons 70% of those who were carrying the guns had prior violent offenses So we need to combine with that small number of people who are carrying guns with the large number of guns on our street and get both of us Adams spoke on CBS's face the nation which can be heard Sundays on Bloomberg The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote today on confirming judge katangi Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court a full Senate vote is possible this week It looks like President Biden has the votes to get his nominee to the Supreme Court judge Jackson would be the first black woman confirmed to the nation's highest court Daniel Craig's return to Broadway in the new version of Macbeth has been temporarily halted after the actor contracted COVID-19 performances are canceled through Thursday Craig stars in a revival of Williams Shakespeare's tragedy Other high profile shows on Broadway have had canceled shows due to their lead actors contracting the virus including both the music man leads Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster John batiste was the big winner at last night's Grammy Awards with 5 including album of the year silk sonic took home record of the year Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts more than a 120 countries Michael Barr this is Bloomberg Nathan All right.

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