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Producer t-bone burnett. He'll tell you insider stories about working with roy orbison elvis costello robert plant and alison krauss. He also captured one of my personal. Favourite vocal moments of all time on branded carlisle's the story brandy. She just went into some kind of other world. When she hit the moment. It was a moment of full release of absolute freedom. You know incredible right. T-bone says he never really had the need to be a public performer himself but at this point in his life he has some things he really wants to say. He's he's collected them on. An album called the invisible light acoustic space which came out in the spring and is his first new solo album in eleven years before our chat. Here's here's a little taste of one of the songs. It's t-bone burnett sr being there twitchy trigger finger itchy with the standoff figures. There's the excess three komo t-bone burnett welcome to our cafe. Thank you happy to be here yeah. I'm glad to have you so who i read the you wrote a lot of the words for this album at four in the morning and i don't feel that surprised listening to disarm it. Does it ninety nine o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day kind of a you know or maybe it yeah no. It's not it's not i love. I love writing it riding in a in a half dream state when you're not quite awake and you're not quite asleep sleep and i feel i feel our defenses are down. My defenses were down and i just started saying the thing that i really was the most afraid of probably wow well when you're up at four in the morning and you're writing. Are you just waking up or you just going to sleep. No no. I'm just waking up. I started. I started actually it started because i was writing songs for musical and when i started writing those songs i started studying frank lesser who i think is the greatest songwriter in the history of the of the musicals goals and <hes> and and every line of his was a fist and i realized i didn't have any room to coast that i had. I had to get down. Get down to it and so i would wake up at four in the morning in in abject fear of i'm never going to be able to do this rally as what happened and and and i just started writing out of <hes> uh that and i i guess out of just being anxiety. I suppose i hate to say that but but once i got into it and once i got into the habit of it <hes> it was no longer that it's that was just the impetus for for how i started that i'd i'd never done that before almost my whole life. When i was up at four in the morning it was a it was at the end of the day at the beginning of the day. You're there's something so amazing about your first moments of your day where you're <hes> the writer julia. Yeah cameron talks about this. Your your sensor hasn't woken up yet like the the sensor brain is still sorta dormant and you can be free with your be free with your thoughts..

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