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Sorry. I was going to say the uncertainty with the rotation for me. I know I just praised Rodriguez empanada. I just have some issues with Myers and school self history and also their profiles. You know, Maya is in particular doesn't really miss baths and yeah, adding bias is going to help a lot, but I just have concern in that regard and I would like to see a larger sample from both before I 100% buy in and being confident in them. And then if Matt Manning as part of the equation, I mean, gosh, he just didn't do well last year and I know it's pedigree. I know there's more to his game than he showed, but I don't know. I'm uneasy about 60% of the rotation. So that's a concern for me. Yeah, and really, I mean, if you're uneasy about that chunk of the rotation, then you have to be uneasy about the tigers, not just in 2022, but beyond, right? Because this is a team whose strength was considered to be young pitching for a while there, it was like, hey, they need to get some position player prospects to equalize things, right? Nice and Google admitting showed up. It was like, okay, the wave of the future is here. None of those guys pitch particularly well, mize was the best of them are the most effective of them and even he was kind of a low babbitt guy who beat his fit by a lot and maybe that will turn out to be a skill of his, who knows, but he doesn't really have that flame throwing bat missing profile that you would think of with someone who was drafted so high. So I don't know, like, what's the ceiling of this trio at this point? And that's, I guess, just to skip ahead to biggest question or storyline. That's probably mine because it really determines not just how this team performs this season, but maybe how good this team can get with this core they're putting together. Yeah, I agree, 100%. And if a dirty secret about this Tiger's rebuild is that it's really been dependent on a handful of prospects. They don't have outstanding depth the way some of these ever top farm systems do. So it's really about my eyes and school and Manning and green and Oracle. And now Jackson jobe and there are some other individuals enough for him. I'm not saying it's just these 5. But there are progress in their success is going to go a long way in determining the ceiling of this Tiger's team and whether they're going to have to become even more dependent on big free agent signings and perhaps even some trades along the way. I'm curious to see scissors like the bigger question for these guys is the rotation able to take a step forward. And I think that that will have more to do with whether the tigers are good right away or not, but I'm also curious to see if some of the complementary pieces that they do have are able to hold on to gains that they displayed last year. Candelario and Grossman and what you know what's a keel bado is gonna be like this year. Yeah. Curious about that guy. So, you know, there's the sort of complementary, I don't remember what weird analogy Boris used to describe this kind of player, but you do need that supporting cast around the star so even if they step forward with some of those guys or the complimentary piece is going to be able to hold on to some of the gains that they displayed last year. Yeah, so they did have some breakout guys last year. Is there a breakout guy you see this year? And I should also just mention Robbie Grossman who also maintained his power gains and productivity. He was always a good on base guy, worked the pitchers kind of guy, but he hit 23 homers after having kind of an out of nowhere power spike in 2020 that I think a lot of people were skeptical about. So they had a bunch of, yeah, as you're saying sort of complementary players who exceeded expectations. And they could use another. Is there anyone who comes to mind? Yeah, and I would also throw Eric Hoss because he came up and did his best Mike zunino impression last year. So we'll see if that's legitimate or sort of a flash in the pan. But this tigers team was tough to find a real breakout player just because I try to avoid top prospects when I can and I was debating whether Harold Castro should be my pick and that's not a place you ever want to find yourself in, kids. If you're listening. So eat your vegetables, do your homework, don't end up like me. But I guess in the end, I went with green. What Meg said about his variability in his skill set is 100% true. However, it just felt less cheap than going with torkelson. All right, and I guess is he your most important rookie also? Yeah, it has to be, right? You can say either both of those individuals, I mean, I guess there could be some consideration for Manning as well if he retained his rookie eligibility, otherwise asked to be torkelson or and or green. All right, well, we've discussed some interesting stories and questions already here. I guess Miguel Cabrera has become a question at this point in his career, but he is also an interesting story. I suppose, right in that he is on perpetual milestone watches 13 hits away from 3000. So if you care about round numbers like that, he already has the 500th Homer, but he's going to add the other one in April at some point. How many hits he will have after that. I do not know because he has not been a strength. And this sign up for a while now, but he has been the bridge, I guess he has spent.

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