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Well you'll probably right. I'm both May I. I was thinking about now. They tell me you call yourself the manure man of South Carolina. You Make Handmade artifacts quayle. Now how did you first get interested. The national we even back in the seventies sure gays really started going to price again. Gas went up and a lot of things. I started going to buy that Betcha. After one season I finished my birds and Hutton and all and I had to feel my backup starting the next season and the bill they sent me was for twice as much as the year before you built. They had made a mistake. So I calm said no no this. That's right the soybeans doubled and this doubled and I said Oh my goodness no-now had that huge feed build and I walked him birds in the peon and the heads in the Pan and dropping coming out builder in nature and were never be able to get my money out. That Bird Eagle wait morphine worth. So maybe I could take the drop in you know do something with it and get it out so these were quail were they Israel Quayle Berg and so I thought it'd be a good idea to make some as Jokin someone my Yankee Fan. You know.

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