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Baby. This is what you came for. Lightening strike Sarah time, some more. And everybody's watching her. But just looking at you, you, you, you you Listen, Chicken for this time, she Okay. Thank you. You okay? You okay? You you you Girl faster the game we play. He knows why has got to be this way. We say nothing. Morning. We need I say your placement. He came to Yeah. You okay? Thank you. Thank you. You you, you Mm. Baby, This is what you came for. Lightening strikes the retention move. Uh It's so much she came for this choice. Thank you. Do you smoke You? You fucking thank you. What's up yards. Ariana Grande date. Sharon it Shawn Mendez Hampton Roads number one Hit music station Z 104. Sit there said he said. You're doing what? You know where you act Where you got class will say that. Shut your trap sipping wine in a rope. I look to good look too good to be alone. Was clean my pool want just shake Smalls like another boy. We should be dancing and romancing in the key swing and the West Wing. Mansion was incredible, James, everyone that I say is coming from the heart. So you're trying to Believe that, Uh oh, I'm I leave the door open girl. Get your fill of the wife feeling your woman I want to tonight. Tell me that you're coming. So sweet. So so test so pumped Bank unless you like, miss you make if you smoke what you see, I got the Hey, lift your hungry We gonna definitely lays. We don't keep me way. There's so much love becoming making. I'm talking, kissing, cuddling rose petals in the bands of girls jumping I am playing games. Every brother Nazi is coming.

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