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Sources telling Fox News president elect Biden will nominate a former general to lead the Pentagon. Retired General Lloyd Austin will be the first black person to leave the Pentagon if confirmed, but his selection is prompting concerns over eroding civilian control of the military. Austin would require congressional waiver since he retired less than seven years ago. Jackie Heinrich reports. Watchdogs are reportedly Larry of General Austin's role in an equity firm investing in government contractors. Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, the renowned test pilot has died the first man to break the sound barrier in level flight. He was also credited with shooting down 11 enemy aircraft during World War two. Chuck Yeager was 97 President. Trump will host a summit at the White House Tuesday on Operation Warp Speed and its efforts to distribute the Corona virus vaccine. The president is expected to sign an executive order governing the U. S stockpile. Box news dot com quotes An administration official who says the priority is to make sure we distribute these vaccines to Americans before we start shipping them around the world. The Trump Administration says it plans to distribute 40 million doses of a Corona virus vaccine by the end of this month and millions more early next year. Fox's Mark MEREDITH, with many states issuing new restrictions and business owners lashing out against them. Search in general, Dr Jerome Adams says more recommendations are coming. We know that it is safe. To keep schools open in general. When you take precautions, we know that outside is better than inside and that if you close down people's ability to congregate in an outdoor area, they're just gonna run inside in the virus will spread. So I think we need to be more intelligent, more strategic about some of these closures, and we're going to try to give states and Health Department better advice. Wall Street Monday, NASDAQ posted a new record close gaining 55 points. But the Dow lost 148 and the S and P. 500 dropped seven points. America There's listening to Fox News. I knew from the Fox News Podcast Network, A look back at the 2000 election. I will work for you every day. And I will never let you down historic campaign retold by the people working on the campaign, those covering it and on the ticket, he was going to take the country in a different path. Invention is rockets to the networks said that we had won Florida Fox News presents Election Rewind 2000 Give me the opportunity to lead this nation. And I will lead subscribe now. Fox News podcasts calm now. The latest was 77 W. A. B C and the BBC radio dot com. I'm Bob Brown Governor Cuomo warning Indoor dining in New York City is on thin ice Gonna show you the number every day. So here's the number. Another two points and we close here's the number Another one point and we close when Murphy says. If that happens in New Jersey the economic damage would be devastated. Better darn. Be sure if we're going to shut something that it's based on transmission. It's based on the fax and if we do right now, in the absence of that stimulus, these folks are going on the rocks. They're not just shuttered for a few weeks. They're out of business Lawmakers in Washington still working on that stimulus plan, the owner of Mac's public house on Staten Island being released without bail after he allegedly struck Sheriff's deputy with this car this weekend, fracturing the cops leg. Danny presses attorney Luis Gil Amino, offering an explanation for the incident that was caught on video sheriff's deputies unmarked cars. Came in swept Annie away and four minutes like he was Osama bin Laden in a CIA black stops. Then the Bellagio calling prestige and disgrace. If you're missing certain foods during the pandemic, you're not alone when asked by Governor Cuomo what he could send him for Christmas. This is what Dr Anthony Fauci had to say thing that comes to my mind that two things Nice, Nathan Hot dog and a really steaming pastrami sandwich doctor found she grew up in Bensonhurst, where his father ran a local pharmacy Rockers men's basketball home later tonight against Syracuse. WBC news time 12 04 traffic and transit.

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