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You know if someone text your calls you they will receive a message going back saying i'm unavailable right now police guy will call you when i can or our tax you can try to take that the distraction so that you don't feel that you have to answer the tax because you're not going to know about it by that's a great tool we encourage everyone to to use that but once again mike it's gonna it's going to get back to education and you know you talked about you know most people aren't that on the road aren't drunk right so but the few that are caused the problems everybody in today's world is using their smartphone and they're using it constantly and i mentioned about all the new apps that come out more and more usage of it it's it's hard to put that down and so we have to use that tool to stop that are are what we're really doing is going out to try to educate them more and more the put it down because we will real we really want to see that kind of behavior change it is on the website and also you can go to your apps store and stuff like that downloaded from anything they could tell them not to do.

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