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Thing I mean that sounds as far as the next door at the the messaging from the administration is it confused at best including this apparently at a little argument broke out in the White House situation room between Dr Anthony Fauci and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro Navarro started handing out materials about hydroxy caloric Wayne and he said there's clear therapeutic efficacy so of course doctor felt she said well there's anecdotal information and Navarro apparently became very belligerent about the whole thing until other people in there I had to calm him down from going after vouching doubt what found she had said there's evidence both ways that there's if there is efficacy and there is not and it's just hasn't panned out yet we it's too early to tell but what you have is the president of actually saying this is the miracle drug and members of his administration says if the president says it's a miracle drug it's a miracle drug and then you have medical experts like Dr Fauci going wait a minute there is no science here and you have to look at the science and I I'm surprised I found she is still in there and has been asked to resign truly surprised when we were talking about social distancing and stuff yesterday felt she was asked why he was an American airing a mask he said he'd been tested the day before and was fine so that's why he apparently wasn't wearing a mask well Sir all right there all right the president and Republicans are facing efforts to make voting easier and they want to challenge the efforts to try and make the voting easier during the corona virus pandemic.

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