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Not just police. Prosecutors, both state and federal are committed to making that happen. Also to note there is a planned protests for this weekend that is expected to shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway. Illinois State Police say that they are aware of those plans and are working to protect the rights of those peacefully Protest ng as well as ensuring the safety of others. That protest is expected to happen Saturday at noon. Downtown tonight. Shannon Halligan. W G M News. This tonight. United Airlines moving its network operations center from Willis Tower back to its former headquarters in Elk Grove Village following this week's downtown, looting Crain's Chicago business reporting. It is the second time in three months of this has happened. United made the same move in late May after flooding knocked out the building's power. Most of the airline's 5000 Willis Tower employees have been working remotely does since the start off the pandemic. There are nearly 200 investigations underway into complaints against Chicago police following the death of George Floyd. A civilian Office of Police Accountability or culpa, says it received about 1000 complaints of abuse from the protests at Floyd's death at the end of May, And according to the Sun Times, Copa, determined about 170 had enough evidence to warrant an investigation. Papa hasn't commented on the investigations or if there are any racial patterns to this complaint. Lisa investigating two Carjackings on the north side happening within hours of each other and just a mile apart. Maybe Jen's Rob Sneed spoke with one of the victims. He joins us down from Bucktown. Good evening to you guys know tonight I had the chance to speak with one of the victims. He told me today he had to call off work. He says his nerves are shot. His anxiety is through the roof. A stolen black jeep and two men with a gun. That's all it took to rob to people in terrorize an entire community in Bucktown, when you're like, you know, you've got a gun staring right at you. You know, in your mind, you're like, OK, this is life or death. Let me do what You know, I need to do. He wanted to speak with W. G. M news to warn others about what happened to him in the 2300 block of West Shakespeare Avenue just after two this morning, one of them runs like the passenger side of the car. One of them runs up to me, and he's just like, Give me your keys pulls a gun out. I'm just like, Amen. Say less take my keys. They stole his backpack, Wallet and black Jeep. It appears to be the same jeep that the suspects drove to a second Carjacking that happened in the 2000 block of North Winchester Avenue. About 4.5 hours later. A woman just got out of the car, the pear port up in what appears to be the same jeep that they stole earlier and pulled a gun on that woman. She dropped everything and made a run for it took her car and drove off. Police think the two Carjackings are connected. Police say the man with the gun was wearing a yellow hoodie and jeans and both Carjackings. Nick limber and his wife, Michelle, lived right where one of those Carjackings happen. Once coming secure. The newlyweds now will keep a closer eye on each other. Yeah, I teased him for getting me this alarm for my key chain and and other things to protect myself, But Now I know it makes more sense Toys. Have it on me. I guess any time I think it's any time a day now, I don't think it's Tessa Knight just either. Seven. Definitely. Definitely scarier, saying abouts that's happened around here. So Yeah, we won't be doing thi later. Later Walks Maybe. Police tell us tonight That pair is again out on the run. So of course, if you know who they are,.

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