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Fall toe Oh, and nine more on the Bear's happen O B with cause tonight 7 to 10 Here on w GM David it w G on sports. The forecast from the W G in Chicago Weather Center Here's meteorologist Morgan Mayer. Good morning a very mild start this morning with a mostly cloudy sky in temperature sitting close to 70 and a handful of areas everybody, though, into the sixties here. This morning. We're making it to the seventies again Today. South winds will be strong 20 to 25 gusting as high as 45 MPH That's prompting a wind advisory from noon until 10 o'clock today. Mostly cloudy and a few scattered showers here and there Today, Thunderstorms arrived by late day west and through the early evening hours of heavy rain and possibly a severe warning or two possible. Forecast from the WG and Weather Center. I'm working 68 cloudy skies at O'Hare Now it's 68 it midway 67 along the lakefront 68 this morning in Aurora 67 in Valparaiso. Now your money on w. G N with Orient Samuelson and good morning to you the excitement of the back seen fading and only one of the three indices on Wall Street at the moment. Trading higher, but that's a good high. The Dow industrial average is up 234 points trading in 3 29,090. But the S and P 500 down four points. Trading at 35 46. The NASDAQ is down to 132 points, and it's trading at 5 11,081. The housing industry got a boost this morning with the report from the R. Horton, the major house builder in the United States, the company reported the better than expected quarterly profit and forecast For 2021 home sales above estimates on record low mortgage rates and while warning of risks do the market from Corona virus infections and restrictions The oil market today, Brent crude up 53 cents a barrel trading at $42.93 and US screwed up 54 cents, trading.

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