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Jordan jesse go i'm jesse thorn america's radio sweethearts jetpack is he he goes the rocketeer himself jordan moore's boy detective steve ag read the scripts to matrix two and three fully understood him really coherence do you think they wrote a part for cornell west he they were looking at this in the they're like well the character descriptions says cornell west type why don't we go straight to the source i don't know what that casting decision was like what the you know when somebody does the oral history of how cornell west gotten the matrix movies matrix revolution yeah exactly come on buzzfeed right that article is matrix revolution at all related to dance dance revolution yes same universe yeah thank god well steve it's been a joyous us ever it's been so fun yeah thanks for having me steve you have your own hip podcasts now i do co we're no doctors with me and occasionally busy matters she's not busy writing books and being her name and starting a talk show she's busy busy yeah charter people love it i feel like i feel like when i you know casually talked to people and i told them i'm in podcasting this is one of the ones that are like oh i love podcast i listen to where no doctors medical issues please come on and i know you have migraines migraine headaches glad to come by anytime anytime those number steve aid to fit as a fiddle and can i i'm gonna give my regular recommendation anybody's out there and they're looking for a comedian with an art degree to follow on instant gram instant grim look at look at steve ag i'm here this guy's out here taking pictures this guy took a picture of his camera the other day yep that's meta this was was national camera this camera looked like a winnebago try pot this what was going on with that look like the em fifty from stripes that motorhome yeah tank thing there you go oh what was going on i was cannon eight seven or three you know fairly typical dsl our camera but it had a two hundred millimeter lens and because you use you do a lot of bird photography sure and it had a filter attachment on the end it looked like you genuinely was the first digital camera i've ever seen that genuinely look like if you wanted to you could have taken a picture by stepping in front of it telling something to the people you are taking a picture out then going underneath a giant sheet and squeezing yeah it's it's a big setup it's quite a rig but steve's is steve is a very gifted photographer and his is instagram is is something that i always look forward to coming up in my feet because it's always a beautiful photograph of vista a place he's traveling to yeah a celebrated actress that he's friends with that's it those are the three yeah selfie free i rarely post a photo myself no nobody needs to see that especially me sansom some looking good for us making a great face those of you at home i need to have a tooth extracted yeah to you mean just for flavor just to give yourself a little extra something when you go into that casting clay had a root canal last year and it was towards the end of a year of a lot of met a dental work and so by the time had the root canal i had capped out on my dental coverage so they put a temporary crown on the molar and america's health system it just works and this was like in august and i was like i'll just wait until january til it resets to go into the permanent crown put on by the time i went back in there like where have.

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