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Man alive. Shit walk off grand slam cap in company with David capitalist on ESPN one thousand. That was last season with David Bodey crank the ultimate grand slam down three nothing. Walk off shack. Four in cops win beat the nationals. She took Ryan Madson David vote. He'll be here on set with us in a few minutes. He's his way over from cubs. The sporting is pitchers. Catchers are going Kyle Hendricks will be here tomorrow. So to be interesting looking forward to I want to go to the phones. Michael kopech on the show tomorrow as well. Jay from Florida listening to the shell born and raised in Chicago as a Muslim and was impressed. I think yesterday good morning. Jay, welcome to the show. Calf huge fan of all three shows, especially you make fun of you all the time. You're you're you're unbelievable. So. Every day. I'm on podcast. So real quick. I gotta tell ya. So my dad in my parents, both my mom. Move to Chicago back in the seventies. They in my dad's a doctor. Okay. So he was part. He's part of the community. That was very well known in Chicago and still is and I grew up as a cubs fan. Probably if not least as big of a fan as you probably more. Okay. So I'll just leave that up that. And I gotta tell you. So when I when I heard Theo's listening in THEO we trust. That's what I say. Oh, but when it comes to Joe or the Ricketts family, I don't care about you had some guy named the hobbit on the phone the other day, we don't we don't care about one night. That says, hey, it's a Muslim nine, and we're gonna have food or we're going to give out prayer rugs. Up dollar set on the other show. That's what we're looking for what I want to see cap is. I wanna see education. So I want them to spend money and educating that ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of us who are good people. Let me give example, my dad, my brother and sister out doctors, they save lives with guardless of rate and lot of times for free. They do volunteer work. It doesn't matter race. And that's how our religion works. We're all about taking care of people just like Christians like Jews people just I can do whatever. And so I don't want a a Muslim night. I want them to spend that money on helping educating what we truly are in our community as as appeared. Thanks, thanks. I really appreciate the perspective of thanks for always listen to the show. There you go Jay from Florida. I will get back to our calls with David Bodey kind enough to come over from Cape. Good morning. How are you?.

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