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The corners of my. Is all the president's men Stinging this is great but you, know when when he meets Hal Holbrook deep throat Beginning Oscars in the. Parking garage that's. Good question I'm sure you I'm sure he is Oscar's Scott Was he was. The entertainer was that. The, within the. Entertainer now stands the music the. Music is called the entertainer that's the theme thing okay. Good thing you. Don't do entertainment. News show I'm glad I don't I. Forgot, the show. You're in Katharine McPhee what the. Heck is the mash Verified He's won four Oscars for directing Director to let's see he. Was best director for ordinary people Let's see start in. Out of Africa what did he win the I got him he best actor for. The sting. Director for quiz show that was terrific Quiz show quiz show Best. Director ordinary, people, winner I'm, sorry winner, best rector ordinary people and suddenly I just. Lost my thing. Here wait a second he starting, out, of, Africa Oh that. Won seven Oscars let's see Let's see. I don't think he won four Oscars so he wants us to say one for this thing or was he was, nominated for this thing he was nominated. So, he definitely one for ordinary people. Yes. He. One direction. For, ordinary people yeah okay. All right They. Say it was Oscar snubs. Over the but I don't think. He's won four acting he. Got a nomination for. A quiz show didn't win it you want a second Academy Award for lifetime. Achievement okay she just wanted to almost lifetime. Achievement was was for ordinary people not one for his, acting I. One for acting good actor I buy rid for. Stories just kind of interesting he was at a Boston. Celtics basketball. Game when I was working in Boston. This is forty years ago on a Sunday he's sitting next to the late president of the Celtics Red Auerbach there's, just sitting together watching the game at. Halftime, the entire crowd is just standing. Silently. Looking. At them My wife was. One of them as she could take her eyes off Was, a standing there looking at Robert Redford a. Handsome guy by the way there's another great movie of? Haven't seen it have. You ever. Heard of three days, of? The, Condor, I've heard of it it's terrific he Torri apps it right yeah Graham he and Faye Dunaway and, he plays this guy who's an analyst for the CIA in New York. And he goes out to get, lunch for the rest of the office and while he's out to lunch assassins come in and they shoot everybody, in the office back from lunch to find all of his colleagues murdered and then, he's on, the run from the people have to get him them crazy three stories no, shortage of Trump news in tweets from the Russian meeting to LeBron James we shall discuss also in, our big through the mystery that baby's body, floating near, the Brooklyn Bridge awful story and. Rounding out our big three of course the heat advisory, through tomorrow evening another big story been following the, wacky story the day Sarah Beth's popular. Restaurant on the Upper West side and a guy is in the freezer He comes out of the freezer and then he starts, attacking people with a knife no one no, one got, hurt no one knows who this. Guy was why it was in the freezer all they, said was he was fifty four years old no, name no nothing and then he dies He apparently, has a heart attack. Right anyway who else to figure all, this out for us who better. To do it then Alice Stockton Rossini at Sarah Beth's, on Amsterdam, avenue good. Morning to you Alice Good morning good morning what. A morning up here on the Upper West side there are just. So, many unanswered. Questions but I can. Tell you this is a very very, popular place neighborhood place.

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