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You're young podcast. Co Host here with you do before you insult everybody. You always have to say with all respect. And then you can say anything. You just have to throw the other I. That gives you licensed to say whatever and then you don't have to apologize, right? Now can now Dr Brek. Yes, you and your wife have pooled. Do you? Not We? Had, you seen a pool somewhere before you decided to install your pool. House with a pool and then we got to renovate it. How did You know you. Growing up my one of my first jobs was as a lifeguard I've always liked the water and so we actually rented a house my dad. Rented House when we were growing up at a pool, and so I got to as is soon. A lot of teenagers get to do take care of it. on behalf of the parents and so I. AM In balance, chemicals and backwash, and all the different things that go into. A bowl when I was a youngster, and so I felt very comfortable, buying a house or looking at houses that had pools, so you had seen a pool growing up therefore when you're looking to buy houses, you. You've experienced a pool, I. We lived in a in a house that had a pool for. At least a handful of years you had seen and experienced it firsthand. And Jason You have seen the Pergola and experienced at first hand. I think that's what how we tie into today's show because we're talking about video reviews, and why they're so powerful Ryan wimpy with tiptop canine good morning sir. How are you I'm doing wonderful. How are you I? AM fired up to talk to you about this idea of getting real video reviews because I found that it top canine. Almost every single time somebody brings in their dog for the one dollar first lesson. When they experience the power of the dog whisperer. Could you explain for the listeners who are not familiar with what TIPTOP CANINE DOT COM is how you how people during that very first sales presentation during that very first demonstration where you only actually charge one dollar. Yeah, well, we actually we work our dog normally in the middle of the street, so they can see our dog off leash June obedience. Trick stuff like that. Then we work with their dogs and. And show results ten or fifteen minutes, so let's let's say that I have Saturday I had multiple dogs under fifteen minutes coming off leash from twelve fifteen feet away, and I couldn't teach them to jump on me, so that wows the heck out of people I went out yesterday to get my daughter a new. A new vehicle turned sixteen, so yeah, this would whatever she saves will double it. We went out yesterday and got her a vehicle and so I was going to take her to grandma's house last night, and to give her the vehicle and that kind of thing and I stopped by the office there at the river walk about six o'clock, maybe six thirty and one of the tip, top canine team members their training, a dog right and the people were wowed I mean the people sitting there and there were wow, then, I just WanNa make sure the listeners are getting this idea when I'm. I'm trying to teach, today is the power of video reviews the power of getting her actual clients on an actual video testifying to their experience Ryan at tiptop canine. You guys have wowed thousands of clients over the years. How long have you been training dogs twelve years twelve years ago? Do you remember life before we had the smartphone technology that made it very easy to get video reviews. Do you remember what what what life was like? When we had the the old school, Nokia phones. Did you remember that yeah? So, yes, so I had the. What was it handed Cam the handicapped handicap. Our count the. Card card. Put it and would download everything and it would take. Like an hour and a half two hours, and then I would have to take it from that to put it in the windows. Media editor whatever. I remember that. There was a flip. Liver ever! I had a flip of video cameras I think it was called. Flip was the brand Hold that thing and you'd film to be super pixelated and he'd have to take that upload that the like you, said the card onto the windows program or whatever it was in. Get that and when you start to upload it to Youtube. And you'd have to leave to go to Church You came back from Church. Four percent of the way, yeah, and when you do, is you traff right and you beg and plead the Jesus would would allow us to finish uploading before your computer would put pause Roy time out, but now we're in a different. World, we're now. We can film on our smartphone. And upload those videos within seconds, or at least a minute, or so so now we have to get video reviews, and I want all the listeners out. There understand what I'm talking about, so I want everybody out there to do a quick google. Search right now for tip top canine reviews. Let's do a search for top canine reviews. Okay I'm searching I'm searching Oh there. It is I. See Video Reviews Right now. I see one two three video reviews for Tiptop, Canine, four, five, six, seven, eight nine Ryan. How many dogs do you think that you've trained over the years? Personally, thousands literally thousands yes. Wouldn't it be great if we had all of them on? This point. Oh, I, mean seriously because he. Had So many people have told you over the years. Hey, you trade in my dog has changed my life because what somebody's life like before they get their dog trained well. What what? How terrible can somebody's life be before? They hire tip canine to train their dog I, believe you are saving marriages. Oh, here, we are so the. Guy That was out at the thrive building doing some sales yesterday. Yeah, he said the lady was literally crying when she realized that he could fix both dogs and crying, and then she was signing up for like five granted dog training, but she's so she's happy. She's literally crying. She was crying. Now. Here's what I see lot now I don't I don't work in your call center? Your wife manages a team of people, but when people call tiptop canine. This is what I've heard from my friends who are who are seeking dog training right there, saying they're cute. Little puppy that they bought a year ago. Right has just eaten part of her wedding dress. or part of their shoes or has nod through a couch Roy Moore. Have what kind of what kind of stuff have you heard Ryan is just you felt bad and you go. You know what I feel bad. You definitely need to have your dog professionally trained. What kind of craziness have you heard dogs? Chew and five thousand or couches making them look like they exploded. Around knocking over children like all day everyday. Knocking over elderly people, they're like. Oh, my dog's high energy, but I can't walk them because he drags me and my shoulder sore for two days. The dog runs away and they chased the dog for three hours trying to get to talk back just partying in the house four five times a day like all sorts of crazy stuff. Some by issues I'm sure. And then there's aggressive dogs, and we work a lot of those to where they're like biting other dogs biting people. They can't take the dog in public. Bite the mailman the Pizza Guy Breck. What kind of problems has somebody called you? Where were they had maybe soreness or pain? Or what kind of problems have you been able to solve as a chiropractor now? Again I'm going to assume on behalf of the listeners that I think Jason Let's assume that we think you and me. We think that Dr Brick is is is a scam. He's a snake oil salesman because he is a chiropractor. Doom that Ryan wimpy is absolute scammer because he is a dog trainer. Does you know some people think that about dog trainers and door chiropractors. Problems. Have you been able to solve over the years? Free for your patients? I mean it's a long list so I, mean you could start at the very top of the head, or the or the foot, but plantar fasciitis for starting in the feet. you know ankle, sprains and strains? I know there's hippos shoes. I know there's a giving give me an example of a real patient..

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