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South amazing was like oh. That's an experience and it's the fun part of everybody being clinical study of one. But this is one thing that you can. I won't while all set. You can use recreationally just to feel amazing. You can use it athletically. You can use it as an executive you can use it like my daughter. She's fifteen she gets major performance anxiety in just as the anxiety of every teenage girl of not wanting to go to school. 'cause people you're gonna look at her. She'll take one in the morning and calm and so when you look at like you were talking about. Adhd add but also anxiety depression. Those on the box. It says you gotta be careful of using this with other medical conditions like hypertension and especially the anxiety incite disorders. Because usually they're all medicated. If you use clean slate zero in and your medicaid it doesn't matter if you're on high blood pressure medications. Cholesterol medications any drugs. A healthy system doesn't need them. So you're going to have to titrate down eventually. Probably eliminate the use of them. Because you're going to be healthy and that's the important part of just figuring out how to play with your biochemistry and how to make you the best you possible. I really going to be a challenge for some. I can see that because one when they go back to their primary care physician and they're asking for guidance one. They're not gonna know what to do. So this type of hey be aware be cognizant of is the right approach to do that and again you need to check yourself. I just like after you have a meal. How do you feel you feel heavy and sluggish. Would you feel light. That's going to give you an indicator of whether or not that food's good view or not when you start to look lab data right when you talk about clinical studies. I'm not big on clinical studies because we're we're clinical trial of one now granted. I've got an one of the top functional med dachshund country that starting a study here the end of the month on twelve patients. They were gonna study down florida's down your neck of the woods. He's at the university of miami is a big deal. He's like what should we test you test for heavy metals now i want c reactive protein eilon. Cbs's chem sevens. I want liver enzymes. I want a one sees i want. Psa cholesterol red cell count all of it. Because you see all of improved. I want basal metabolic rate body. Fat percentage because a healthy body reconstructs what remained to do. But the body dictates the process like for one woman in her testimonial is one of the studies that we have testimony on youtube channel. She's like us clean slate. Because i had really bad psoriasis. And i saw what happened to mark. I didn't think it would take care of my depression. Anxiety i never thought of to the regulator manners.

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