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Yeah, I think it was, uh What convertible Sundberg. Let's go back to Covid stuff. I Said. Overcrowding in Idaho hospitals is worse than ever. There's a Florida doctor now. So we were talking about Governor de Santis. Oh, by the way before I get to that, um, a different governor who also, uh, is, uh, not allowing mask mandates in schools is the governor of Minnesota, Minnesota. Parents are now suing that governor. For imposing weight, forcing him to try to force him to impose a public school mask mandate, which he has refused to do. So they are suing him to try to get him to do that. But let's go back to Florida in Florida. There is a doctor right now. OK, So you heard earlier that I said 15, Miami Dade, Miami Dade. In case you don't know That's the county that Miami is in its Where the, uh that's where the Miami airport is as well. That's Miami Day. 15 teachers die died in 10 Days of Covid 19 that's in sanity and also in South Florida. I'm not sure where she is. It doesn't say that it's Miami, but oh, yeah, it is Miami, South Miami. Doctor is going to stop treating unvaccinated patients in person. The doctor is a woman doctor, Linda Martini. She says she has made the decision in an effort to keep her staff and vaccinated patients safe from the delta very and she said, and I quote, I understand that people are free to choose, But to me, it's a problem when it affects other people when it comes to the safety of others when it comes to the fact that it's a global health problem and community health problem at this point I really say that this is where it draws the line in the sand for me. So she is planning to implement that policy. As of September, 15th and people are saying, Put your violating the Hippocratic oath. But you know when push comes to shove, if there are so many people hitting these hospitals that you literally cannot treat everybody It kind of makes sense that you would say Okay, I'm treating people got vaccinated if you didn't well, I don't I don't know that the Hippocratic oath would prevent her from doing that. Isn't that the Hippocratic oath? Essentially do no harm. Yeah, but I'm saying, if if you just simply cannot treat everybody you got a triage you gotta right, but she's not a hospital. She's just saying in her office, she is only.

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