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Of federal judge. The suspect was dressed as a delivery driver knew stay at home order in L. A. I think we're on the brink of that. GOP talks in D. C. The first order of business will be a new Corona virus relief package. Good morning. I'm Steve K Thin with the CBS World News Round up. There's a manhunt underway after the attack at the home of a federal judge. CBS's Errol Barnett, is near the home of Judge Esther. Solace in North Brunswick, New Jersey, The judge's husband, Mark S. Bella, defense attorney answered the door and was shot. The gunman also shot and killed a couple of 20 year old son Daniel. Sources say. The judge is in the basement at the time of the shooting and was unharmed and has been rushed to the hospital and is believed to be in stable condition right now, But the big question is the motive. It's unclear what that is. That's also unclear who the actual target was considering the judge's husband himself as a defense attorney now the latest on the Corona virus. The death toll in the US now tops 140,000. CBS's David Beg No is in Florida, which reported 12,000 cases yesterday. Here in the entertainment district of Miami Beach. There is an eight PM curfew. We're hoping that by closing earlier it actually tones down the party hospitalizations in Los Angeles County reached a record high at more than 2200 Here's the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. We don't come together as a nation with national leadership. We will see more people die. But in New York City people there are prepared for Phase four opening things like zoos and fan Lis pro sports stadiums overseas. Now, correspondent Vicki Barker tells us British scientists on the trail of a covert treatment say they've had a breakthrough. It's a pre existing drug interfere on Beatle but delivered in a new way, inhaled directly into the lungs of hospitalized covert patients. The patients receiving the Interfere on beater treatment or much less likely to deteriorate. Team leader Tom Wilkinson says the number of patients needing treatment fell nearly 80%..

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