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Going back to kirk and things like that but there's different ways of doing any li things at this league at a different level but ultimately at some point you're winning from the pocket and it might look different based on the way that moms is winning than a pocket compared to tom brady. But they're both playing at an elite level. And i think that's what's so hard to categorize and then oh by the way a lot of the stuff that we learned even and i know we we knew it before but going back to some of the stuff that we had so much success with When you're running the show in washington in your change in the math were now okay. They're they're they're used to playing defense where it's eleven on ten. They never had to account for the quarterback and then if we can change the math in those ways that's a that's an even bigger winning edge but at some point there's going to be those third-down crunch time decisions and i've heard you talk about that and that's why i bring that up because it's the depth of the conversations can go on and on but when you really looking at it it's like all right how do you envision these guys fitting in with already what you have in place. And that's why you hear you're excited about your guy and and why you've also said a you know it doesn't mean that's exclusively how you have to win because look at what you've done with jimmy or other quarterbacks as you played with in the good coaches figure it out like what you've done not as every that's what's crazy about sport incomes coaches to but whether it's paid manning tom brady. Philip rivers rothlisberger. Like all these guys. Russell wilson like aaron rodgers. Like every one of them in the way they win in the way their greatest slightly different. And you're gonna be you're going to be judged off of. Yeah you can be thrown in those people with the stats. How engage one of your career and there always be at the top one the most super bowls and then you go back to elway young montana. Aikman like there's they're all different And that's was crazy about the sport because we know the quarterback when you're the head coach you're going to be judged at the end of the day under super bullets. But that doesn't tell the whole story that means you're a bad dude who was in a very small percentage of these quarterbacks on saying go also is the right team and there's as too hard to say. Who's your splitting hairs on. Who's this or who's zack. They're all great and it's just don't get how hard it is to do. Just those names. I mentioned and the stuff that goes into it in there so i might be lesser in this way in stronger in another way. In how the overcompensate that in there's so many ways to do it whether it's with your legs with the weather's with your preparation your arm It doesn't matter it's infinite. Kyle he talked about or sean talked about everyone. Thought you were taking one guy. Based on your success with cousins. I was one of them was one of the many that were out there saying no. It's mac jones. It's mac jones's mac john's united and i would tax. I never get anything from you anyway. But i thought i had to read on this thing. Honestly knowing all the people in the organization and candidly for the listeners. This podcast. I used to work with john lynch. I'm friendly with jed york. I know kyle well enough where he shoots me straight for the most part and i wasn't one of the guys saying oh it's definitely it'd be mack jones. I just thought reading the tea leaves. It would be and then it is trey lance looking back at it now. Several months removed you even paying attention to it all the media people. It wasn't just me chris simms. You've known since college. And he was saying it was going to be an act jones. Like at any point real like. Wow we really got everybody on this one or does that stuff so secondary to you're thinking that who gives a shit what the media guy saying and if he says no he's lying he knew he had everybody until a sense stone and so when i could sit back like i'm not changing and i could actually watch. That's most like holy cow. This has gotten out of control but like when you have reason we moved up because we felt. I think either one would have been a good decision. Like you're not moving up if you don't feel good about both of those if it would've just been one then we would have said no. We probably wanted up said because the store risky where we were like we really would have either. One of those players would have been a great bickham. I've been the third guy would just like he would have been a great pick so is it. Just what direction do you wanna go. And there's so many things that play into it. You gotta make the decision. But i didn't. I didn't blame people offer thinking it'd be mcdonalds because mack jones deserves that executive a player in he put it on tape or a whole year and everyone would did want to relate to kirk and stuff. 'cause that's only guy that i was openly going for your free agent. So people talk about them but Trae brought another element and it doesn't mean that he's better or worse it just means you brought another element that over the course of studying. It really intrigued us. And that's the direction that i would love to go all. We always wanted to go but the guy's going to be able to do it. All in traceability could and. That's why i'm excited to work with them. Is up to us to get him to do it sean. I'm sitting there on good morning football. And i'm like here's the deal with mack jones. He's a tennis family. And the tennis family. The pocket presence the footwork. Everyone's like schrager knows something he wouldn't be doing this big mac jones tennis analogy. I'm like i honestly don't know anything. I don't know who they're taking. And it turns out. I was completely wrong anyway. So appreciate your job though. 'cause your analysis were right on and there were awesome. There are accurate so as your job to be good in order talking about or to predict the future. It's a great point. It's a great point. And that's what i you know you're right. It's like who cares what i had an a mock draft. It's did i present the case. And did everyone present the case and i think at the end of the day everyone gets so caught up with like who got what right but who gives a shit about a mock draft at the end of the day. That's what i like. When i watch people in your line of work i like to watch guys. Just think about it in really think of what makes sense based off but what they believe based off the history of someone they're studying and that's what i feel like you do. What sucks is the people. Judge you because you're wrong was your judge..

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