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Mission where he could be in a a leadership spot on my football team can he be the face of my football team and that's a question that you have to answer if you are general manager or another for the buccaneers it was one thing for him even comes to tampa because we're lovey smith bane down there i think you and i agreed that this was a perfect fit for james winston to be coached by lovey smith lovey can kind of help them out can talk to him keeping them out of trouble keep them out of spotlight and now this this happens you cannot be a knucklehead you cannot be doing these things if you are doing if it's true you can't be doing these things i think you're gonna get away with it just because you are a professional athlete doesn't necessarily mean you have all this power to do whatever and not get in trouble if you know the trouble follows you why would you put yourself in that situation sticker senate hood on espn radio and the espn app now look if you're tampa bay you're the buccaneers you got to win this year you got to win or that whole thing probably gets blown up i'm amazed that dirk cutter still the head coach going into this season jonathan quite honestly the buccaneers were were the biggest disappointment the nfl last year they were the team that was supposed to finally make the playoffs they're on hard knocks last summer they had all these great skill position players for james winston to work with mike evans to sean jackson and they just completely busted so now you potentially are going to be without your starting quarterback for the first three games maybe more according to adam schefter maybe last but certainly it seems like a suspension is looming man this is not what you want to have hanging over your head's as you're going into a mustwin year for cutter and probably jason light because how many gm's get the higher three head coaches hired lovey smith fired him promoted dirt cutter you know typically you get to hires as as a gm not three as far as head coaches go no this is that was definitely an underachieving team you're so right about that they start the season at the saints against the eagles against the steelers because four games i'll be at chicago so those are four tough games at ryan fitzpatrick the backup of tampa has to be able to take on fitzpatrick is a veteran quarterback the he's been there done that now is effective as james winston clearly not but he is someone a placeholder that can do a nice job for you in the end the depending on what kind of ryan fitzpatrick you have does he still have the full beard or is he shaven do we know yet.

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