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GM radio I'm Robbie James and that's vengeance We'll be mine by the matadors and that was the first 45 that Sioux records ever released in 1957 and played it because jugging Murray would have turned 98 years old today He was born in Charleston but grew up in New York and he owned suit records along with Bobby Robinson And like I said the first thing they put out was vengeance Otherwise a terrific record which of course got four copies sold But they did have a hit not too long after that It seems you feeling by Bobby Hendricks formerly of these swallows and the flyers and even the drifters for a while In fact he sang on drip drop at that later Anyway juggy put out some great records on Sue So as far as as far as that he's not been with us since 2005 Parkinson's 81 years old But at the time of his death he was still working it he was working on a new album with baby Washington He said I'd rather recorder than eat Yeah no word on what he died from and whether it was starvation but regardless of rest in peace juggle and I got to play the matador So we're talking with Fran in Austin And you have more on the world's worst hit records Yes There's always more Right all right I'm seconding I am I said Oh okay What a stupid song I wish I were the chairs and they wouldn't have to hear it Well right Well as far as we know But now we can have a we can have a pop physics discussion But all right We'll see Did I say as part of my kumbaya set ebony and ivory Oh God All right You know actually I thought of that when you first said black and white and I shuddered and I said well thank God you didn't mention that All right well there you are Well had to had to do it had to And I was a good scream in it but I don't like this song as it dick and Dede Mountain high The mountain belly is low so low Yes good old dick and Dee Dee That's one of the only thing I like about that song is that one little thing that I can't do it but yeah Yeah that was made of tape one time where I put all of these rock and roll screams Really You know from a different song than I edit them all together And I still have it somewhere around here in my billions and bazillions of cassette tapes but that was fun to do But anyway that's another one My dad Okay Both versions of patches that Dickey Lee and the clearance Carter Okay you know we're both songs all right Okay And clarence all right Let's see Gary you have anymore Oh so many Okay You can call in if he's got more All right So I'll count on it All right All right thanks Appreciate it Thanks So look forward to it Okay thanks All right So we traveled north to a netgear to Ted a welcome to WGN radio Ted Are you there Ted Ted had a rockabilly request Ted has left us Well sorry about that Ted call us back will be happy to play some rockabilly I think it might be my first winnetka call I'm not a 100% certain of that But yeah it's a really nice area But boy those property taxes wow boy Of course the property values are higher too but the first time I saw that the annual taxes were higher than the value of my house And I was like what All right well it must be really nice and congratulations All right so now 8 8 8 8 7 6 you know I just forgot my own phone number 8 8 8 8 7 6 5 5 9 three 88 88 RO LL YE I'm doing two things at once It's never a good idea Shelley is in Pittsburgh Welcome back to WGN radio Hello Shelley We've lost Shelley too I'll tell you what All right Ye of little patients Well now there are two lines available That's right because we lost one net gaap We lost Pittsburgh So I'll try to be quicker next time We'll get to Debbie I think Debbie is in Berwyn and Scotty is an east Chicago All right And Valerie in warrenville And there's room for you too 8 8 8 8 7 6 5 5 9 three I can't believe I'm stumbling over that but I'm not a 100% sure what's going on But for some reason tonight I don't see very well any time but tonight I can not read the screen And of course trying to tabulate the world's worst hit records makes it an interesting exercise But we'll get there and we'll play them back tomorrow night right here.

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