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Bad back to the dugout but it stuck to the pine tar on his glove it went onto the field and ebbing sees that in a media jackson it's susan was like hey i didn't mean anything by that what issues giving an equipment find but by then it was over and so he tells me before the game yesterday that it is it had been his goal look i wanted to go through my entire big league career and get thrown out by only one person and that was joe west it's so he'd gone to joe west during the courses series is said hey joe how much are you gonna work is an empire and joe gave them a timeframe and he goes and so before the game yesterday said i want i want to joe s to the only guy to ever throw me out of the game and now that's wrong that's impossible can happen now and so we went out and told us that story during the course of the game and then at last piece when he's talking about his wife and his mother and his motherinlaw and all the mothers in the mother year he was talking to himself in the outfield but she was doing the entire game spitting seeds out tim that that is beautiful that look i went to cuba was stephen susan junior i've known him for a long time he has a great sense of humor and this is a nother reminder buster that some of our baseball players have a great personality and we need to learn more about them you guys had logan morrison on a game this spring we had monkey bets on a game this spring it was tremendous it was the best part of the spring mike in those guys up but to do it in a regular season game like that is unheard of and it was fantastic and i love it and we should do this more often we talk all the time about we don't humanize our players baseball doesn't market it's players well enough here's another reminder that when you're playing one hundred sixty two games you can have a laugh once in a while and have a smile once in a while on a day as important as mother's day.

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