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Amy joy Hooper was one of three daughters. Born to parents, joy and Hollis Hooper. When Amy was born on November second nineteen seventy-one. Her sisters were quite a bit older. Holly was eight and sandy was ten so Amy was the baby of the family joy Hooper said that Amy was spoiled from all of the mothering and that her sisters treated her like a little baby doll. They actually took care of baby. Amy when their mother was ill for a time and was unable to do. So Amy was blonde with curly ringlets and Hazel is and as an adult. She was on the smaller side, she was maybe five foot three inches tall, the website that we discussed list her at one hundred and three pounds. But according to her family, she was quote about ninety pounds soaking wet the Hoopers lived in Columbus, and Amy attended Westland high school for a time, but Amy. Sisters, holly. And sandy tell us it, Amy and her mother joy clashed, a little when Amy was a teenager this for my understanding seems to be fairly normal for teenage girls, according to the family, some of this clashing had to do with a boyfriend whom the parents of viewed is abusive and Amy's mother joy was very concerned because Amy actually had been hit on two separate occasions by this boyfriend. Also, this boy's mother worked in the school cafeteria. And it sounds like she may have harassed Amy after Amy tried to break up with her son yet after Amy sophomore year at Wesleyan high school her parents are going to try to move her to get away from this douchebag well after being given a choice of where to live. She was offered the choice of living with either her aunt or her sister Amy decided to go out to California to live with her sister. Sandy, sandy moved out there in nineteen eighty two. The two sisters were very close despite. The ten year age difference between the two Amy did her junior year at high school in California and hung out with sandy and Sandy's boyfriend Ray, but after her junior year, Amy move back to Ohio and went to live with her aunt and a nearby town and graduated from a different high school. This would have been in nineteen eighty nine after graduating from high school, Amy moved back to Columbus and moved in with her mom, Hollis joy had very recently gone through a divorce. And although this was not acrimonious. It was a tough time for everyone Amy wanted to save money. So she could return to California to go to college. She loves fashion, and she looked for a job that would allow her to work in that industry. She got a job as a manager at a Wilsons leather store in the Westland mall, which many media reports refer to as Berman's leather because Berman's was bought out by Wilsons leather at some point. Well, she worked there for about six months a job that she reportedly loved, and she was very responsible never showing up late never missing a day of work. She also occasionally designed display windows for the Lazarus department store, she rode the bus. So she didn't have to spend money on a car one thing to know about Amy is that she'd loved animals and had a soft spot for anything furry at the time of her death. She had two cats that she had taken in articles about Amy state that she was very social had a lot of friends and was known to frequent a west side bar called coconuts. She also it has been reported dated black men almost exclusively like the abusive boyfriend from west on high school. This fact will become significant later also her family describes her as very trusting friendly. And although she was stubborn. She would stand her. Round when she needed to. Yeah. Now Amy's twenty and she's going to rent her own apartment. This starts on February seventeenth nineteen Ninety-two renting an apartment at forty nine forty to Medfield way in Lincoln village in Columbus. Now, even though this was an apartment, it wasn't a big high rise type building Amy's ground-floor apartment door opened into a grassy open area outside punctuated by a spider web of walkways leading between the various apartments and the street so to get to Amy's front door. Also had to do is walk up to it. There were no entrance ways gates outer doors or security measures whatsoever. These buildings were not quipped with security cameras Amy lease this apartment on her own but allowed a friend to move in with her rent-free. This is a woman whose name we don't know. But we do know that she had a small child the family isn't. Certain how Amy new this roommate? But her sister, sandy says Amy told them that she was going to let them live there. Really because she's just taking them in to help them Amy had a kind heart, and right and the woman in her baby really had nowhere to go. Who cares how they became friends at simply here's Amy she has a place. Here's a single mother. Hey, come stay with me for wall. Let's get you on your feet. It sounds like that maybe Amy tried to move this girl into her mom's house when she was still living there. But after a few days her mother was like, no, we're not having outsiders, come and freeload off of our family and just stay here. You know, this woman apparently didn't have a job at the time. Or at least that the family knew of so Amy rented the new apartment, and let her friend in the baby move in with her Amy in this room mate were really still getting settled at the time. Even Amy's mother had not visited the apartment yet because the women. Were still getting the place together, and they were actually lacking in the way of furniture at this time. Amy sister. Holly was also living in Columbus. But she was in a serious relationship with someone in Cleveland now on Friday, March sixth Holly plan to travel up to Cleveland to see her boyfriend. So she and Amy made some kind of arrangement where Amy would borrow Holly's car and take care of hollies dog for the weekend. It turns out that Amy one in the car. So that she could go up to see her boyfriend who was going to bowling green at the time. This was a young guy whose name we we won't use Holly did not want Amy driving, her vehicle all the way up to bowling green. So what happened is Amy borrowed her mother's car instead and left her sister's car with her mother for the weekend. Now, everybody has a car to use Amy did not tell her mother that she was planning on going to bowling green. And it seems that joy did not know about this boyfriend. She never met him. She only heard about him after Amy's death. And again, I'm going to bring up the fact that it's early nineties. So it's not like you have a lot of internet dating or a lot of ways of communication with some of these people that could be somebody. She went to high school with that went to bowling green for college or move there with their family knows on Monday, March ninth eighty sister Holly returned to town from her weekend in Cleveland, and she went straight to work Amy actually returned the night before from her weekend and went out with some unnamed friends the night before the plan.

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